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Fun Poll Results: Many of you have tried different smart-card systems!

Fun Poll Results: Many of you have tried different smart-card systems!

Two weeks ago, we asked you what kind of electronic fare-systems you have tried around the world.

This week, we get to take a look at the results!

Out of the total 164 votes, 36% of voters have tried the Octopus Card. Hong Kong had introduced the system in 1997, which now boasts over 23 million cards in circulation.

The Oyster card was launched in 2003 and was designed, developed and installed by Cubic Transportation Systems – the company behind TransLink’s Compass Card.

New York City introduced the MetroCard with the magnetic strip in 1993, and adopted the new contact-less smart card system in 2007, also manufactured by Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc.

Votes for the Oyster Card and MetroCard are super close – 32% of Buzzer voters have used the Oyster Card, and 30% have tried the MetroCard.

The Clipper Card for the San Francisco Bay Area, trails behind at 13% of voters indicating they’ve tried the card.

Fun fact: the Clipper card was initially introduced as “TransLink” by the Metropolitan Transpotation Commission as a pilot program! It was later rebranded in 2010 as the Clipper Card.

A whopping 48% of our voters have tried a smart-card that’s not listed here.

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Author: Angela Chang


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