Buzzer illustrator interview: Russell Alton

Buzzer illustrator interview: Russell Alton

Russell and his illustration
Russell and his illustration

Here’s some light and fun reading. As with most of our illustrators of the Buzzer newsletter, we had the opportunity to ask Russell Alton (A.K.A. Chop-Logik), illustrator of our November issue, a few questions.

We really like Russell’s illustration. Here’s a short q and a with Mr. Alton.

Who is Russell Alton?

Russell Alton is organically produced in Smithers, BC, simmered and percolated in Vancouver, then shipped across the globe to be enjoyed by family, friends, at home or at work!
Ask your local distributor about bringing Russell to your area today.

What’s behind the name Chop-Logik?

It’s an insult from one of Lord Capulet’s tirades in Romeo & Juliet, which I was reading in school at the same time as I needed a username for a digital media project. It jumped out, and somehow people began to use it in meatspace as well. There’s now more people that call me Chop than Russell, strangely. ‘Choplogic’ is spurious, illogical, and over-complicated for it’s own sake.

What’s your favourite thing to draw?

The simplest distillation is that I love to draw lines, which might sound a bit absurd. I’m fascinated with the way lines interact & work in concert within an imagined system, where each one informs the balance of the next. My process is letting these systems play out, forming a drawing organically; seeing what sort of character is built, even if it’s just a triangle with a goofy face. My work is very much choplogic in that regard.

How did you come up with your illustration?

Lately, I’ve been on a very geometric bent, which has coalesced into these ‘crystal wizard’ creatures. They are wise summoners from dimensions beyond our grasp. My illustration was an imagining of them inhabiting our space and our world, living alongside us. Of course they would take transit! The SkyTrain is quite the wizardly vehicle, no doubt.

Do you take transit? If so, what do you like about it?

I do! I mainly bike to get around, but transit makes connecting to events, people and experiences possible on those one or two days a year when it rains. One of my ventures is handmade greeting cards; I have various shops in Vancouver and out to New Westminster that stock my cards, prints and various sundries and I’m able to reach them all easily with the help of transit. It’s a lifesaver.

What does the future hold for you?

Bright things! More art in more places, more avenues to funnel my creative energy down, more opportunities and experiences around the world. A small amount of utter global domination, but only as a vehicle to spread goodwill, understanding and equality, of course.

Thanks Russell for the interview and the crystal wizards in the illustration!