Olympic Memories: Cathy McLay

Olympic Memories: Cathy McLay


Cathy McLay
Cathy McLay

For this installment in our Olympic Memories series, we revisit the 2010 Winter Olympic Games by asking TransLink’s CFO, Cathy McLay, about her experiences moving the world four years ago!

What did you do during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games?

I did two things: I had just become the CFO at TransLink and had to help run the office while many employees were out working and volunteering to help transit move everyone during the Games. I was also making sure that everyone that wanted to have an opportunity to get out of the office and help the crowds of people get to venues and other locations during the Games had an opportunity to do so.

The second thing I did was after work. In the evening I put on my blue jacket and hit the streets. The first thing I did when out was to talk to our staff who were working and volunteering to thank them for putting in the long hours, many of which were unpaid. While I was out there, I would also assist getting  people where they needed to go.

I couldn’t believe how much fun I had talking to employees outside of the office in the electric atmosphere of the Games. They were all telling me stories of great experiences they were having. Every day they had new and wonderful stories to tell!

What was your best memory during the Games?

Well, it was watching how excited TransLink and operating staff were during the Games. I’m a grandmother, and it’s like watching kids have Christmas everyday. They would say things like, “I wish we could do this everyday.” They wanted to be out talking to people. They wanted to be out telling people about the transit system and what a gorgeous place we live in. That was so great for me to see.

Personally, I was just loving being out with the locals and visitors to the region. I loved getting all the questions, which surprisingly were not all about transit. We were like ambassadors for the region, which was fantastic.

Thanks for the interview, Cathy!