Transit in the News – April 3

Transit in the News – April 3

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Bus lane construction in New Market, Ontario loses local supporters with delays affecting businesses.

The National Bus and Rain Union in Ireland will decide on strike action regarding potential privatization of transit services.

TTC says they’ve learned from their mistakes with over-budget Spadina Subway extension.

Over 100 stations now connected to WIFI in NYC subway system.

Washington Metro will roll out new subway cars on April 14.

Delhi Metro launches new app to give riders reward points when reloading their smart cards.

Canadian cities lobby Ottawa for more public transit funding.

Hamilton transit union votes 95% in favour of strike action.

Abu Dhabi bus passes to be automated starting May 15.

Transit Watch program launched to help stop crime in Surrey, BC.

Riders in Melbourne, Australia now able to use Google maps to plan trips.

What mass transit could learn from luxury buses.

Four-year-old in Philadelphia boards bus alone at 3 am to get a slushie.

Winnipeg doesn’t have enough buses to keep up with ridership.

Montreal’s Honoré-Beaugrand bus terminal gets a redesign.

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Author: Adrienne Coling