Five Ways TransLink Funds Road and Bike Infrastructure

Five Ways TransLink Funds Road and Bike Infrastructure

Did you know, that in addition to transit, TransLink funds road and cycling infrastructure improvements? Each year we operate, maintain and rehabilitate 600km of our Major Road Network in Metro Vancouver!

Committing over $47 million in road and cycling projects, we’ve dedicated $41 million of this fund to 19 municipalities across the region. This helps to keep things moving smoothly, with pothole patching, snow removal and lighting being just some of the maintenance and operation work getting done thanks to this fund.

So what about the rest of the money? Well, that $6.3 million is dedicated to help fund specific road, bridge and cycling projects across Metro Vancouver. This year, 16 projects are happening across the region.

The Burrard Street Bridge improvements, the widening of the Fraser Highway and the construction of a multi-use path in Coquitlam along the Evergreen extension are just three of the awesome projects currently underway. For more information you can also check out our news release.

So there you have it! If you transit, drive or cycle in the region then there’s a good chance we’ve invested in the infrastructure that helps you get around!