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You Keep Us Moving — Marisa


Marisa is a puzzle solver. She is a Senior Manager for System Planning.

Her job is to look at all 1,800 square kilometres of our system and see how the pieces of transit and the community fit together to form the bigger picture. Her team works to make the decisions of where to put what and why across the system for all modes of transit and how that will develop in the future.

For Marisa, it’s all about making change in the communities and their futures.

You keep us moving. Thank you!

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Author: Laura Tennant

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  • By Sheba, June 24, 2015 @ 6:05 pm

    Good transportation… does this include massive route overlap in some areas while there’s a major lack of routes in other areas? I’ve commented in detail on this to TransLink many times and yet nothing has changed. A prime example is how the C6, C7 and 116 are practically a braid in the area south of Metrotown down to Marine Dr (which is single family housing so not high density). Meanwhile there isn’t a single bus that travels north from Royal Oak Station. How is that good planning?

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