Links and Tidbits – July 3, 2015

Links and Tidbits – July 3, 2015

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

Vintage West Coast Express Ticket

»   The Chow Bus is on the move in Tennessee to fight child hunger!

»   Just try and escape the internet! Google Sidewalk makes plans to fit bus stops with WIFI hubs.

»   Subway etiquette breaches are ranked. How is gross kissing only at 54?

»   Build it and they will…blog about it? Our buses have entered the world of Minecraft!

»   I have to agree, technically this is still manspreading.

»   The amount of transit money lost per trip in major U.S. cities has been charted. Looks like everyone is losing!

»   “It’s got its feet on the seats, but I’ll allow it because of that sweet hat.” Apparently, if you are a stylish goat you can break all the rules.

»   How many ways can the Metro ‘M’ be designed? CityLab counted 77 super hero-esque logos!

»   Personalized mass transit? There’s an app for that.

»   Virtual reality transit etiquette at its best or at its worst? You decide.

»   Music to my ears! Former LCD Soundsytem frontman James Murphy is working on a Subway Symphony.

»   Contortionists give us a look at extreme transit etiquette. Kinda looks like it hurts, no?

»   Who wants to get inked on this old TriMet Bus tattoo parlour? Anyone?

»   What do you get when you cross a Concorde, a rail gun and an air hockey table? Meet the ‘fifth mode of transportation’.

»   I dig these smooth transit moves. Watch subway dancers bring the NYC sound to the underground!

»   Stick it to them! Sexist and misogynistic NYC subway ads get sticker bombed.

»   Off the cuff travel planning takes on new meaning with subway bracelets. You’ll never be lost again!

»   Hop, skip, Skedaddle to Crane beach (and take me with you).

»   It seems suffering for your art is still a thing: transit travel acts as a muse for NYC art show PLATFORM.

»   Love may conquer all, but paint helps too! A scary subway in England is transformed by artists into a tunnel of love.

»   Here’s 21 reasons why Canadian public transportation isn’t so bad. Our system makes a cameo in 13 and 20!

»   It looks like waiting for the bus just got a bit more fun in Gloucester as Zumba makes its way to the platform!

»   Here are five things to know about Toronto’s love affair with subway tokens and some cool old photos of the fare system. Check out that old paper transfer design!

Compass Card vs. paper transfers

Author: Laura Tennant