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Transit in the News – July 10, 2015

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London Underground strike causes travel chaos for commuters.

Public Transit in Hampton Roads a long way from alleviating congestion woes

Hating your transit agency may not make it better.

Londoners share photos of chaos caused by Underground tube strike.

Brampton puts off decision on $386 million light rail project.

Northern Rail workers strike called off after RMT hit with legal threat.

Fans find a way to Wimbledon despite London rail strike.

Ottawa Council endorses $3B plan for light rail expansion.

North East state capitals to be connected with rail network by 2020: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

Residents question how new light rail lines will change neighbourhood density.

VIA Rail Canada renews Cultural Access Pass program.

TransLink extends Bowen Island bus contract.

Wheelchair or Pram? Which deserves space on the bus?

Water bus to resume service after 3 year break in Winnipeg.

Bus AC proposed as Edmonton heats up.

Dedicated lanes for BEST buses in city soon.

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Author: Adrienne Coling


  • By Sheba, July 10, 2015 @ 4:37 pm

    “Pub landlord installs fake bus stop outside his pub, doubles his takings”

  • By Laura Tennant, July 14, 2015 @ 11:07 am

    Hi Sheba, thanks for the link! I’ll be sure to include it in our next Links and Tidbits!

  • By Joe, July 14, 2015 @ 4:45 am

    So if the Bowen Island bus is contracted service, and they’re mentioning on their facebook page they’re working on TransLink fare integration, does that mean in the future it’d have its own route number? I’m partial to X1 (the X being for Express) haha.

  • By Laura Tennant, July 15, 2015 @ 3:46 pm

    Hi Joe, thanks for your suggestion! I inquired with those overseeing Independent Transit Service (ITS) and got a lengthy answer as to what’s happening with the Bowen Island ITS. Here’s what they had to say: The Bowen Island Express Bus isn’t a contracted service within the TransLink system (like West Vancouver transit is). It was approved as an independent transit service (ITS), which are public transportation services within the region not operated by TransLink, our subsidiaries (e.g. CMBC) or contractors. Independent transit services can improve transportation options for markets or areas in Metro Vancouver that are not served by TransLink’s existing transit network – including niche markets like commuters from Bowen Island. ITS are independent services from TransLink services and cannot be financially supported by TransLink, so opportunities for fare integration are limited. However, the terms and conditions of the ITS agreement do open the door to working with the operator to help communicate the service if it will improve the effectiveness of the overall regional transportation system. Information on ITS is available on our website here:

    As for the future, the North Shore Area Transit Plan is our guiding document for broad service changes, both on Bowen and connecting services at Horseshoe Bay. An express service timed specifically to connect with the Bowen ferry wasn’t identified as a high priority in the NSATP, but we’ll be working with the operator to monitor the service and see how it performs. Through our ongoing management of the transit network we’re always looking for opportunities to build ridership in a cost effective manner.

    Finally, as to the TransLink route numbers, these are determined on an old historical basis of area (1-99 are Vancouver, 100-199 are Burnaby/Coquitlam, 200-299 North Van, 300-399 Surrey/Delta, 400-499 Richmond, 500+ Langley, 600+ South Delta, 700 + Maple Ridge). So, although at the moment there are no plans to incorporate the ITS Bowen Island Bus, its route number would probably fall inline with other buses that run that area such as the C11 and C12.

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