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Links and Tidbits — August 15, 2015

Links and Tidbits — August 15, 2015

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

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This Vancouver transit map will leave you starry-eyed.

Looking for a sign that you truly love transit? These might do!

LA transit takes you on a Tour De Food. No, Subway is not on the itinerary.

Hey stranger, whatcha’ reading? This subway rider documented fellow passengers talking about their books.

So cool! Old city buses in Hawaii are given a new life to give others new homes.

Business slow at the pub? You could always put up a fake bus stop to drive up business…

New buses are coming for BC Transit. One hundred and twelve to be exact!

Yikes! That old school bus yellow had some pretty toxic baggage.

Some subway maps are chaotic. Others, like Helsinki’s, get straight to the point.

What if in the eagerness of waiting for the train, you are ignoring the love of your life? Whoa.

Clean design, driverless and see-through? Make way for what may be the future of buses!

Riding the bus with rose, er, green coloured glasses!

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call? The production team!

This New York subway map guides you through the system one emoji at a time. Oxford Circus, you look so angry!

Subway car star makes its way to Ontario, other subway cars swoon. Not really, but wouldn’t that be cute?

What’s the longest subway trip possible in New York? Would you believe it is nearly 150 miles long?

Step aside snakes, there’s eels on the train!

In New York? Need a date? Head to the subway and date while you wait for the next train!

Just so everyone knows, tap and go transit fares are kind of a big deal.

Could this story get any sweeter? A bus driver in Boston stopped at a children’s lemonade stand and bought a round for all of his passengers!

Whatever you do in Beijing, don’t kiss on the Subway!

Need a Metro ticket, but got squat? No problem, ten squats is all it takes to ride the Metro in Mexico City!

TransLink bus routes: 3 facts you didn’t know.

Tyrese is back on the bus, but this time he’s singing his own tune, and no one seems to notice.

Author: Laura Tennant


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