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Buy the right zone! 1-zone bus fares coming October 5th

Buy the right zone! 1-zone bus fares coming October 5th

Beginning on October 5, 2015, the bus-only 1-zone fare will apply for all bus trips.

This means all day, every day, whether you’re using cash, FareSavers, a monthly pass or a Compass product, you’re cruising on a 1-zone fare.

Why is this happening?

With the implementation of Compass, we will be tap, tap, tapping our fares and the majority of riders on the system travel one zone.

As we move towards the Compass fare transition for all riders, extending the 1-zone rate to all hours ensures that bus customers don’t pay more than they should if they don’t tap out as they exit their bus.

Don’t worry, no one will be paying more than they do right now for their rides. In fact, with this change, many riders will be paying less per trip!

Remember! If you’re transferring onto another mode in the system like SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express, the 3-zone fares still apply before 6:30 p.m (except weekends and holidays which are 1-zone).

This means that an AddFare is required for your ticket. You can purchase this upgrade at any ticket vending machine (TVM) located in all SkyTrain stations.

Take a look at this handy chart to help you buy right!

right fare chart

You can find more information at to help you transition to the 1-zone bus fare.

Questions? Ask away! Comment below or inquire with Customer Information on Twitter and by phone at 604.953.3333.

Author: Adrienne Coling



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