Single gate closures at Expo and Millennium Line Stations!

Single gate closures at Expo and Millennium Line Stations!

Try out your Compass products on a gate that closes!

You may have noticed this morning that at Expo and Millennium Line stations there is a single closed fare gate.

There’s only one closed fare gate, but it is there, ready for you to tap in and out of the system!

This means that if you have a Compass Ticket or a Compass Card, you can choose to tap it at the closed fare gate and see the gates open first-hand!

You will then get to pass through the open gates and get a taste of what the system will be like when all are closed in the future.

All of the open gates will continue to accept Compass Cards and Tickets, but we encourage you to try out the closed gate!

As we move forward with Compass, riders will be given PLENTY of notice before fare gates close in their entirety. We will be accepting traditional fare media up until all gates are fully closed.

For now, our aim is to give riders experience opening fare gates to ensure everyone is comfortable with the system.

The closed gate will also give us an opportunity to test the gates and gather customer feedback to make sure the system is running as smooth as possible!

Here’s a few tidbits about fare gate closures and tapping:

    • Remember to tap on the Compass card reader to the right of the gate. If you tap on the left, you are tapping for the gate next to you!


    • Wheelchair accessible gates will remain open at all times until we close all gates. All gates are programmed to open in the event of an emergency.


    • If you experience a tap error when tapping at a closed fare gate, please re-tap. If the gate denies entry or exit, please call the Compass Card & Balance Inquiries number on the back of your card or ticket.


    • Fare gates can open in both directions at stations where the same gates are used for both entry and exit.


    • We will be adding visual reminders to help you remember the ins-and-out of tapping in and out over the next few weeks.

Happy tapping!

Author: Laura Tennant