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More Compass fare gates closing at SkyTrain stations this weekend!

More Compass fare gates closing at SkyTrain stations this weekend!

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You’ll be able to try our more gates starting this weekend!

As we mentioned in our last Compass post, over the next two weekends, we’re closing additional fare gates at SkyTrain stations across the Millennium and Expo Lines.

For start of service on November 21 and 28, you may find more closed gates at your station.

This is BIG news because after the work is completed on the 28th, there will be about 50% of all fare gates on SkyTrain closed!

What do we mean by closed? I’ll tell you!

It means that the gate paddles will be set in the closed position and when tapped with a Compass Card or Compass Ticket, the gate will open allowing you to pass through.

By December, 98 out of the 197 gates will be closed on the Expo Line and 30 out of 74 gates will be closed on the Millennium Line.

An accessible gate will remain open at all stations until Compass is completely rolled out to everyone.

Bonus! More closed gates are a great reminder to tap in and out on rail and SeaBus.

So, get out there and start tap, tap, tapping!

Check out all the ways you can learn more about Compass and get tapping!
Order cards: or 604.398.2042 or toll-free at 1-888-207-4055
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Author: Adrienne Coling


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