Animals on transit holiday round-up!

Animals on transit holiday round-up!

Courtesy of London's Transit Museum
Courtesy of London’s Transit Museum

Animals are always a big hit on our social channels!

With the end of 2015 fast approaching, we thought we’d create a look back at this year with all of our furry friends that made an appearance on transit!

**Disclaimer: Animals may or may not have actually been wearing Santa hats**

First we had our little female barn owl, Eddy.

Owl resized
This gal had a run-in with some crows last winter and sought shelter in one of our buses at Vancouver Transit Centre.

She was recovering at the Orphaned Wildlife Refuge Society (OWL) in Ladner until she was able to be re-released back into the wild.

Meet Rocky, as I have dubbed him!

Raccoon transit
Caught by one of our riders, this raccoon was just trying to get on the bus! Do raccoons carry change?

Somebody said they saw an owl at Burrard station. WHO was it??

Clearly he’s not giving a hoot about being photographed!

Hoot Burrard
Apparently the way the crow flies isn’t fast enough for this bird!


Canuck (he has his own Facebook page) rode on the SkyTrain more than once to ride around, see the sites and have a chat with an STA.

Things can get a little squirrely on transit but this is ridiculous!

It looks as though he was surveying the bus for nuts, found none and hopped off!

Haaaaaaaaave you met  Compass Kitty?

This fluffy beastie is Prince Lion and he loves tapping his Compass Card!

Spotted! All the way from down unda’ this ‘roo and her joey hopped on the bus during the busy holiday season.

Stuffed as they may be, I think they still count.

And this.

Watermelon waiting for bus
Yes, I know it’s not an animal but I’m including it, because… come on, it’s a melon waiting for a bus!

Happy holidays to all of our furry transit friends… and the watermelon!

Author: Adrienne Coling