Talking Transit: 5 minutes with Sarah

Talking Transit: 5 minutes with Sarah

Sarah at Surrey Central Station!

Talking transit is a new series that features interviews with riders sharing their transit stories!

Why do you take transit?

I take transit because I got a job right along the SkyTrain Line. I take it to and from work everyday and I jump on the SkyTrain and SeaBus to see friends on the weekend.

Do you have a favourite mode of transit?

I’d say SkyTrain because it is fast and it arrives pretty often, so I don’t have to follow a bus schedule. I can just go to the train whenever I’m ready and one appears!

What makes you happy about riding our system?

For the most part it is reliable and runs pretty often. It is convenient for me and I don’t have to worry about driving or having a car. I like how I can rely purely on transit to get around and get to work.

If you had a transit wish what would it be?

I guess I would wish that the SkyTrain would extend to other locations with more tracks and more routes so I could get everywhere and never have to use a car.

You sketch when you are on transit. Can you tell me a bit about what you draw and how you got started?

I started drawing on transit because at work I do a lot of designing on a computer, but it doesn’t fill the same artistic need as drawing with pen on paper. I realized I could fill my commute time with drawing so I sketch people on the train before and after work. It can be challenging because you don’t know how long they will be on the train or if someone is going to come in and block your view. Either the person you are drawing is shifting or the train is shifting itself. It keeps it interesting and makes the daily commute a bit less mundane.

Has anyone caught you drawing them on transit?

Not yet, actually. People who have sat next to me definitely watch me draw and kind of look back and forth from what I’m drawing to the person I am drawing. Sometimes they might comment, but no one has walked up to me yet. I’ve been nervous that someone might be uncomfortable with me drawing them. I try to be discreet, but I found out that I am so not discreet! It’s hard because when you are drawing someone properly you need to look up a lot to make sure you are drawing them accurately.

You can check out more of Sarah’s sketches on her Instagram page Between Stops.

Author: Laura Tennant

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