SkyTrain unplugged

SkyTrain unplugged

Commuter Using Mobile
Going smartphone free on transit for one week!

If you take a look at our most recent Links and Tidbits, we included a link from the National Post.

Jonathan Goldstein, the host of WireTap on CBC Radio (which has now sadly ended), decided to put away his phone during his commute and instead observe the space around him on the subway – plus take some hilarious notes!

He says he did this as an attempt to be more “in the moment” and I love it so much so that I am going unplugged for one week!

Starting today, I will have no electronic distractions on my commute. No music playing, no Words with Friends matches or idle Instagram scrolling.

I’m also going to follow Goldstein’s lead and take notes of what I see and hear.

Stay tuned because next week I will be posting my experiences from my smartphone-free transit commuting!

Do you want to play along? Comment below with your own unplugged observations!

Author: Adrienne Coling