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Alcuin College students show appreciation for TransLink staff and community

Alcuin College students show appreciation to SeaBus staff at Londsdale Quay

Alcuin College students show appreciation to SeaBus staff at Londsdale Quay

In recognition of the anti-bullying day last week, 70 students and parents from Alcuin College on the North Shore ventured out into the community to complete the first Alcuin Amazing Race!

Their goal was to focus on their antidote to bullying – belonging!

The students wanted to show that it takes all members of a community working together to solve challenges in a neighbourhood.

Student teams created skits, shovelled sand, created centrepieces, picked up litter, handed out paper hearts to pedestrians and shared treats with transit operators.

The students reflections of the day capture the spirit of the event.

“The Alcuin Amazing Race was, AMAZING! I loved seeing everyone’s faces. Everyone was so happy when they got the hearts and candy.  I remember I gave a heart to a homeless man and he started to cry.  My favourite place to visit was the HOpe Centre because it was quiet and we got to plant flowers”. – Mackenzie, Grade 5

“The thing I liked most about the Amazing Race was making new friends. I also liked getting to know other grades and giving out hearts because it made my day and someone else’s day.” – Anika, Grade 5

The SeaBus employees and bus operators were truly touched to be included and loved the enthusiasm of all the students involved.

What a great way to spread the idea of togetherness and inclusion.

Thank you to the students and staff of Alcuin College for including TransLink in this amazing, Amazing Race!

Author: Adrienne Coling

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