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The Transit Network Review report

The Transit Network Review report

Thank you for participating in the Transit Network Consultation!
Thank you for participating in the Transit Network Consultation!

The 2015 Transit Network Consultation ran from October 13 through November 6, 2015.

You remember!

Did you know that this was the largest transit service consultation in TransLink history?

We received 12,017 completed surveys (plus hundreds of letters and emails) from riders like you!

Overall, 60 per cent of respondents supported or strongly supported the proposed changes.

Here are some of the highlights of the packages proposed:

Recommendation highlights

  • Create a B-Line along Hastings
  • Improve travel time and reliability along the 49
  • Implement a number of changes to provide new connections to the Evergreen Extension
  • Increase reliability and travel time for passengers travelling to and from ferry services
  • Introduce new service areas in South of Fraser on the 501 and 595
  • Improve the efficiency of NightBus services

There were 85 routes that were bundled into service change packages.

We will start to make the changes to 26 of the 30 route packages that were up for consultation this spring with our regular service changes.

The remaining 14 route packages will be modified to address concerns raised during the consultation process.

You can find all recommendations can be found on our website.

All spring service changes will go into effect on April 11, 2016.

Author: Adrienne Coling


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