Meet the Buskers: Roland

Meet the Buskers: Roland

We’re back again with a new profile on our series “Meet the TransLink Buskers!”

Last time we met the multi-talented Amine and today we present a showman for all showmen, saxophonist, Roland!

Roland is no ordinary sax player… if there is such a thing!

Oh sure, he’ll start off playing like you’d expect but the next thing you know the sax is above his head, behind his back, taken apart, played and put back together again!

He certainly loves what he does and we love to listen and watch him perform!

Why did you decide to become a TransLink busker?

I decided to stop playing in nightclubs and I wanted something to do in my spare time. I heard about the program and thought it would be great to play for some groups of people passing by you at the stations. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, it has been so enjoyable for me to entertain in this way.

How long has music been a part of your life?

I have been playing for many years and have played with some of the best entertainers around. I am self taught and play by ear. I believe my good ear is a God given talent.

Asking the tough questions… favourite style of music/favourite song?

I loved all different genres in music, but my favourite is blues. My all time favourite song is Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.

What can riders passing by expect from your set?

They’re going to hear some great music from a great entertainer, I hope! I always get a good reaction from the crowds of people.

Stay tuned to the Buzzer blog for more busker fun in the coming months as we profile other artists in the program!

Author: Adrienne Coling