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All you need is love. Jeff and Nathaly get married on SkyTrain!

All you need is love. Jeff and Nathaly get married on SkyTrain!


Congratulations Nathaly and Jeff!
Congratulations Nathaly and Jeff!

We have had some pretty cool events happen on SkyTrain.

There has been the live opera train, filming of many different TV shows and movies (including an intense Ben Affleck being narrowly missed by a Mark II), Halloween parties, no pants rides and more!

But this, this is something truly special.

Today, Nathaly and Jeff got married on our SkyTrain!

Read more about this lovely couple’s story in their own words:

You could say that our meeting on the Canada Line three years ago was a coming together of a lot of things that were going on in our lives at the time. We both used public transit. Realizing that it was a much better way to travel in the city. But, more importantly, we were both aware of how hard it had become to connect with people in Vancouver – ask any single person in the city and they will agree – plus how much of life we were missing out on by being buried into the screens of our cell phones.

Jeff was travelling from a day of business meetings in Richmond and bound for Vancouver.

Nathaly was researching a new job opportunity South of the city and was making her way downtown on the Canada Line.

Both of us had made a decision that day to make sure that we had a looked around, put the smart phones away and become the change we wanted to see in people in the city.

Nathaly was OK being that weird person that opens doors and looks at people in the eye and Jeff was going to smile.

Jeff was sitting two seat rows back from the door on the train facing the door. He was wearing a suit. Nathaly entered the train as the door opened wearing a stunning blue dress. Their eyes met. There was a connection from the past, a feeling almost familiar.

Both of them had come across each other during Nathaly’s tenure at the Four Seasons Hotel, a place that Jeff had frequented as well. Nathaly was the first to move forward with a simple, “Hi, I know you…” Three stations later and three years after that an “on-line” marriage is planned.

We didn’t dream of getting married on a train. The idea came up in very whimsical fashion, way before our engagement, after encountering a group of people that were going to “party” on the train to celebrate Halloween. We thought “Hey…wouldn’t that be fun?” We also thought it would be a lovely way to honour the way we met three years earlier.

Talk about I Love Transit!!

Nathaly and Jeff even invited us along to witness their big day as they exchanged vows on a white (of course) Mark II train at Stadium–Chinatown Station.

It was our honour to share in this awesome and unique wedding day.

Take a look at some of the SkyTrain matrimonial magic!

Author: Adrienne Coling


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