I Love Transit: We found love in a Transit place

I Love Transit: We found love in a Transit place

I Love Transit 2016

Steven and Meghan

We love transit, and we love that YOU love transit, but what we really love, is hearing about you finding love on transit! And believe us, a lot of love is found on transit!

Over 10 years ago Meghan and Steve found love in the most unexpected of places.

It was the last day of school back in 2004, exhausted Meghan decided to call it a night early and she hopped on the 004 Powell Bus at UBC Loop bound for what she expected to be an uneventful trip to North Vancouver. Little did she know, the universe had other plans for her that night!

Steve and I met on Thursday, April 8, 2004 on the #004 Powell Bus at UBC Loop. It was the last day of school and Arts County Fair 2013 was still going strong. I had had my biscuit by 7pm or so after a day of class and partying, so I decided to head home to North Vancouver.

I found a single seat on the bus and as the bus filled up, I noticed the guy standing next to me had his arm in a cast and was being jostled by a group of drunk engineers in their red jackets. I offered him my seat. He refused three times, but I insisted and we got to talking.

He told me he had broken his wrist mountain-biking and had come out to Arts County Fair, but gotten separated from his friends. I can’t remember everything we chatted about during the bus trek downtown, but he made a snap decision to ditch meeting up with his friends on fourth street for dinner.

Steve said he lived in North Vancouver too, but didn’t take transit very often, so we trekked to the SeaBus Station together. As chance would have it, we missed the SeaBus departure by two minutes so we had 28 minutes to spare. I refused his offer to buy me a Starbucks coffee (too much like a date!). We spent the next 28 minute wait and 12 minute SeaBus crossing talking non-stop. Twelve years later, and we still have so much to say to one another!

Steve and Meghan

Congratulations on 12 years of love Meghan and Steve. Here’s to many more SeaBus crossings, and years of love to come!

Author: Sarah Kertcher