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Links and Tidbits – October 28, 2016

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

music on transit


»   GO Transit sees better behaviour from riders after this etiquette campaign.

»  Moovit attempts to streamline transit with their update app. Any reviews from users??

»   Transit movers and shakers are making a global difference!

»   Yowza! This self-driving shuttle bus has a fancy price tag to go with it.

»   I think we should “tune in” to each other on transit. I’d wear a button for Tube Chat!!

»   Another subway hero… with a beat that saved a life!

»   Solar powered subway. Reality or pipe dream?

How New York’s Subway Map Was Reimagined for Women

»   Need a map of some public transit agencies in America. How about ALL PUBLIC TRANSIT!?!

»   The map fun continues with this “30 minutes or less” San Francisco gem!

»   Turning firearms into fares in Halifax.

»   I would be absolutely fine being delayed to save a kitty on the tracks!

»   An abandoned New York City trolley tunnel could be the world’s first underground park! (Hopefully everything gets a good scrub before opening)

»   Learn about Montreal’s fascinating and controversial transit past.

»   ^^ When the opportunity arises, you have to shake your groove thing!

»   I think public transit art, in whatever form it takes, is my favourite. It really captures candid humanity. What do you think of these pieces?

»   Hmmm. Should we get some handsome anime mascots to promo TransLink?

»   Real life photos of the worst transit etiquette offenders!

»   A royal commute for those on this Amsterdam subway!

»   ^^ Panda Train! Panda Train in the sky!!

»   New Wayfinding signs for Ottawa. Just look for the big, red “O!”

»   What cities have the most people living near public transit? Read on and see!

»   Monorail. What’s it called? Monorail. That’s right! Shenzhen Monorail.

Author: Adrienne Coling

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  • By Mike, November 4, 2016 @ 10:21 pm

    A little video I made on the 401 today:

    The bus has pretty much been my main mode of transportation since grade 7, and it still is today, where I find myself in grade 12. It’ll remain that way until I get my recently acquired car registered and insured, and I’ll definitely miss riding the bus, the nice drivers, and those “transit friends” after I start driving everywhere. Of course, I’ll also remember how riding the bus taught me a lot more about buses themselves, such as the different types of buses, the years they were made, the engines, and a lot more.

    Since I might get the car registered as soon as tomorrow, I decided to make this to commemorate one of my last bus trips, and I just thought that I should share it with TransLink for providing me with 5 years of service that’s almost always great. I had run into some drivers who weren’t the best, but those were just a few rare moments.

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