Transit-friendly bookstores in Metro Vancouver

Transit-friendly bookstores in Metro Vancouver

August 9 is Book Lovers’ Day.
August 9th is Book Lovers’ Day

There’s something about the smell of books – old or new, they have the ability to transport you someplace magical! And while many now prefer to read their favorite books online, nothing beats the charm of holding that paperback and carefully using bookmarks to come back to it the next day. That is, if you can actually put it down in the first place!

August 9th is Book Lovers’ Day and what better day to give a shout-out to these amazing bookstores in Metro Vancouver that you can easily check out on transit!

Of course, let’s not forget stores like Chapters or Indigo, but with this listicle, we are shining the spotlight on the little-known neighborhood bookstores that are tucked away.

Some of these stores only sell used books, while some specialize in a certain genre. At the end of the day, they are all book lovers’ paradise.

1. The Paper Hound

Location: 344 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Transit: Expo Line, Bus 19

The Paper Hound offers a selection of new, used, and rare titles in a historic, atmospheric building. This bookstore has over 9,000 titles and favours classics.

2.Spartacus Books

Location: 3378 Findlay St, Vancouver
Transit: Bus 20

This bookstore is non-profit and run by volunteers. It’s open every day and is heaven if you are a literature-lover. They also have a $2 shelf!

3.People’s Co-op Bookstore

Location: 1391 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Transit Bus 20

This bookstore was in the news a few months ago – falling prey to online reading. But, this socialist bookshop defied trends and continues to live on because it is a co-op. The store has been in Vancouver since 1945.


4.Book Warehouse

Location: 4118 Main Street, Vancouver
Transit: Bus 3, 25

Three generations of booksellers run this independent store that prides itself on having a vast selection of titles. Head to the store and browse through its numerous shelves, or relax in its wooden chairs and immerse yourself in your latest read. They also boast of regular author signings.

5.Brown’s Books

Location: 3740, Hastings Street, Burnaby
Transit: Bus 27, 28, 130

Owner Roger Brown runs this bookstore that is located in one of the oldest commercial buildings in Burnaby. They specialize in out of print books, rare books, mystery books, science fiction, vintage fiction, war, and horror.


6.Creative Bookworm

Location: 20438 Douglas Crescent, Langley
Transit: Bus 501, 502, 503, 595

This downtown Langley bookstore is family-owned and operated. They pride themselves on their collection of over 100,000 books they offer in store credit for your previously-read books.

7.Tomes & Tales Books

Location: 19141 Ford Rd, Pitt Meadows
Transit: Bus 701, 791

A used bookstore in the Tri-Cities, Tomes & Tales has a great range of fantasy, children’s, mystery, and non-fiction books. They also sell a variety of teas, notebooks, bookmarks and other gifts for book lovers.

8.Comic Scene

Location:  8912 152 St, Surrey
Transit: Bus 345, 502

Comic lovers, this is your Mecca! One of the few bookstores dedicated to comics outside of Vancouver, this one is run by a comic enthusiast. If comics are your thing, be sure to hit this place even if you don’t live in Surrey.



These are just a handful of bookstores that we thought deserved a mention from the hundreds of others in Metro Vancouver that are equally stellar. Which is your favorite bookstore? Let us know if we missed any more gems!

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Author: Tanushree Pillai