4 tips for a successful bike commute

4 tips for a successful bike commute

4 Tips for a successful bike commute
Bikes on a 99 B-Line bus.

The Canada Line bike bridge

Whether the weather, improving your health and the health and well-being of our communities, cost savings or just looking for a change, bike commuting is a great option for getting around Metro Vancouver. Part of being an organization focused on the effective movement of people and goods across our region means we are dedicated to thinking outside the box when it comes to transportation.

This means transit in our region isn’t just bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain and West Coast Express, but also investing in cycling and cycling infrastructure like bike routes and bike parkades and bus bike racks, integration of apps to assist with multi-modal transportation, and opportunities to leverage car share partnerships to expand commuter’s point A to point B travel options.

If you can look past the rain, try parking the car and pulling out the bike for if nothing else, Bike to Work Week!

Here’s 4 tips to help get your commute rolling.

Know before you go
This tip never gets old and really, is applicable to your commute regardless of mode. Make sure to plan your route well in advance of your departure to ensure there’s no surprises along the way. Look for ways to cycle smart by using some of the many bike routes in our region. The BC Parkway is a 26-kilometre, multi-use path that roughly parallels the Expo SkyTrain Line, connecting Surrey City Centre, New Westminster, South Burnaby and Vancouver. As part of our continued dedication to cycling, construction will be taking place to improve a portion of the BC Parkway, get all the information at www.translink.ca/keepmoving.

Give yourself more time than you need
If you’ve never commuted via bike before, make sure that you give yourself more time that you need to get from home to your destination, and back again. Allowing for extra time, especially in the morning, means that you can commute at your own pace and relax your way into work.

Dress the part
While all the fancy biking gear can help make your commute more comfortable, it’s definitely not required. That said, there’s a few important safety measures you’ll want to heed. Always wear a helmet! Reflective or bright coloured clothing will help you remain visible to motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists. For obvious reasons, consider a light weight rain proof wind breaker just in case of rain.

Make it manageable
If your home is a great distance away from your workplace, consider biking for only a portion of your commute. Bring your bike on transit! The entire CMBC bus fleet is equipped with bus bike racks so you can choose to hop onboard for a portion of your journey if it’s more manageable. Wheel your bike right onto the SkyTrain! It’s smooth sailing when you take your bike on the SeaBus! Ride the rails with your wheels on West Coast Express. Look for secure bike parkades at five SkyTrain stations across the region, and bike lockers or bike racks at many others.

If you don’t already, we hope you’ll consider making your commute multi-modal by adding cycling for all or part of your journey!

Do you cycle to work?

Author: Sarah Kertcher