New planning tool simplifies regional truck navigation

New planning tool simplifies regional truck navigation

Truck Route Planner to optimize travel patterns for Metro Vancouver truck operators

TransLink and the Government of British Columbia are releasing the Truck Route Planner, an online tool to help commercial vehicle operators plan their trips. This tool is the first of its kind in Canada to plan truck routes with a holistic picture of the region’s commercial vehicle network.

To use the Truck Route Planner, truck operators input the dimensions of their vehicle with their desired destination and starting point to find the optimum route for their vehicle. The Truck Route Planner suggests optimum routes based on:

  • The operator’s vehicle dimensions
  • Municipal bylaws
  • Height clearances
  • Bridge weight load limits
  • Major road closures on truck routes

The tool also has COVID-19 information such as open businesses and facilities. Operators can see washrooms and parking locations specifically designated for commercial vehicle drivers, as well as restaurants and hotels that are open to the public.

The Truck Route Planner is a pre-trip planning tool, it is not designed to provide real-time directions. Operators are asked to not use the tool while driving. Operators of oversize or overweight vehicles on provincial highways should not use this tool, and instead plan their route using other provincial resources such as:

Identified as a priority in the 2017 regional goods movement strategy, the Truck Route Planner was developed with support from municipalities, the BC Trucking Association, and the Greater Vancouver Urban Freight Council. The Government of British Columbia and TransLink will continuously monitor and update the Truck Route Planner to provide the best available wayfinding information.

The app is free to use at


Honourable Anne Kang, Minister of Citizens’ Services
“We are grateful for truck operators and the invaluable service they provide, giving people access to the food, gas, building supplies, technology and other goods they need, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why my ministry worked closely with TransLink to provide the technology that made this app possible. This online tool makes truck operators’ jobs easier and safer in and around Metro Vancouver and will help keep our provincial economy moving.”

Sany Zein, TransLink VP of Infrastructure Management and Engineering
“This new online tool will make it easier for truck operators across the region to plan their trips in accordance with varying municipal regulations. I’m proud that this industry-leading technology will benefit the BC economy by making it easier to transport goods throughout Metro Vancouver.”

Dave Earle, BC Trucking Association President & CEO
“The Truck Route Planner supports trucking companies in finding safe, viable routes for goods movement in Metro Vancouver, taking some of the guesswork and frustration out of their operations. We were extremely pleased to work with TransLink on the BETA version of this tool and appreciate their vision and that of the Province of BC in undertaking its development and prioritizing efficient goods movement for the region.”

More information:

Link to Truck Route Planner