The Patio Series feat. Downtown Vancouver’s Patio District

The Patio Series feat. Downtown Vancouver’s Patio District

Emily from Donnellan's Pub

TransLink and HUB have teamed up to highlight patios across Metro Vancouver for the next few weeks. In the first of our Patio Series, we’re featuring the Downtown Vancouver Patio District.

Since June, the City of Vancouver has approved 326 patios throughout the city, 31 of which are in the Downtown Vancouver BIA district. Gavin from Downtown Vancouver BIA explains: “In many cases, these patios have allowed restaurants to remain operational during the pandemic, and we cannot underestimate the economic impact they have had. Most of the patios are in converted parking stalls, however, in some locations, vehicle travel lanes have been converted into space for patios.” 

We caught up with Emily from Donnellan’s Pub and Clemen from Brunch Vancouver for their take on how the changes have helped their business.

Donnellan’s Pub coordinated with their Granville St neighbors, Rock Shop, to convert their on-street parking out front into two patio spaces, providing an extra 28 seats for customers to safely socialize, eat and drink in a distanced outdoor space.

“Our patio has helped us have more of an impact on customers walking by, and creates a more inviting space! It is great to see many Granville street businesses adopting patios, and we hope that more spaces where people can enjoy a drink and a meal in the sunshine can help change the nature of Granville St as a whole.”

“Vancouver is special because so much of it is accessible by foot, cycle, or transit, and these modes of transit give us time and space to appreciate our city for its beauty! A local community is so important, especially when we are going through a turbulent time together, so patronizing local businesses by walking, cycling, or taking transit bolsters local industry, and can help us practice living sustainably for our future.” 

Clemen from nearby Brunch Vancouver estimates about 60% of their customers access their business by transit, foot, or by bike. Brunch converted one parking space out the front of its store to a 3-table outdoor patio.

Patio in Downtown Vancouver“Our patio has helped us attract customers that still feel uncomfortable dining inside as well as generating customers (from passing foot traffic),” Clemens said.

Good news! The Downtown Vancouver BIA is advocating that these patios return annually so stay tuned. For the last few weeks of summer this year, be sure to check out these downtown patios! Check out a list of patios here.

Getting Downtown:

  • Cruise over the protected cycling and pedestrian lanes on Burrard or Cambie bridge.
  • Have you checked out Richards Street yet? It’s been fitted with a new bi-directional protected bike lane! Go check out Cafe MedinaFarm to Table Market, or Albion Books!
  • A mixture of cycling and the Canada Line is also a great option! If you’re heading Downtown from Richmond or South Vancouver, Waterfront or Vancouver City Centre SkyTrain stations are great access points to check out all these great patios