The Patio Series feat. Mount Pleasant’s Main Street

The Patio Series feat. Mount Pleasant’s Main Street

“2018 – Vancouver – Patio Mural” by Ted’s photos – For Me For You is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
“2018 – Vancouver – Patio Mural” by Ted’s photos – For Me For You is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

TransLink and HUB have teamed up to highlight patios across Metro Vancouver as part of the Patio Series. In this post, we’re featuring Main Street in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood!

Main Street has seen huge changes as many restaurants have taken advantage of previously dedicated parking spots to expand their patios. If you’ve taken a walk in the area, you’ve no doubt walked through scenes of people enjoying their small group outings on a variety of colourful patios. In Mount Pleasant alone, there have been over 40 curbside patios that have popped up through the City of Vancouver’s Temporary Extended Patio Program.

We caught up with Neil Wyles from the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Association and he spoke to how instrumental these patios have been to the region:

“These patios were essential in allowing these establishments to maintain social distancing, yet still allow them to possibly have the number of customers in place to ensure their on-going operation. The residents of Mount Pleasant were able to come out and support these businesses and kept these patios full throughout the summer.”

Getting there

Take your bike up to the Seawall and enjoy scenic False Creek or explore more of Metro Vancouver on the Central Valley Greenway.

Take the 3 Main / Downtown bus that runs along Main Street, or take the Expo Line to Main Street–Science World Station and walk to these great spots!

Main St. Brewing Company

Anh and Chi


MeeT on Main

Los Cuervo Taqueria