Wedding chimes: couple takes SkyTrain to say I do!

Wedding chimes: couple takes SkyTrain to say I do!

Grooms kiss on the SkyTrain platform in front of SkyTrain

From the day they first met, transit has been an integral part of Aaron and Kyle’s lives. In fact, Kyle jokes, “since the beginning of our relationship Aaron has always been talking about transit. I think it was one of the first topics he brought up on our first date.”

So, it’s no surprise, that instead of renting a limo to their wedding, the grooms took the train.

The couple held their wedding at the UBC Alumni Centre and with the help of transit, they arrived at their wedding venue early enough to grab a bite to eat before diving into their nuptials. Taking transit was really a special moment for them.

Next stop, I do!

Anyone who has planned a pandemic wedding knows, things change constantly and you have to be adaptable. Kyle and Aaron were no different, they had to re-plan their wedding several times. But they knew despite the ever-changing restrictions, they wanted to make transit part of their big day and have a moment to themselves.

“There’s something about that moment when you get on the train in Port Moody,” says Kyle. “You have this time to sort of zone out and decompress. You don’t have to focus on anything else. That was the first time we read each other our vows. It was our chance to talk about how the day was going, and to calmly recentre ourselves. Because after that, the second we got off the train it was a whirlwind. Taking transit was really a special moment for us.”

Transit has been a huge part of Aaron and Kyle’s lives. Living near transit was important to Aaron, and ultimately shaped his decision to purchase his first condo just steps from the proposed Inlet Centre Station before construction. In 2016, shortly after the Evergreen Extension opened, Aaron was able to ditch his car, and rely exclusively on transit.

Transit has been a reliable way to get around the region for the couple and an efficient way to get them to their wedding. There’s no doubt that it will carry their love into the future as well.

You could say, a couple that trains together. Stays together!

From all of us at TransLink, we wish the two of you a happy, healthy and transit-filled life together!

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