The Force is strong at TransLink on Star Wars Day

The Force is strong at TransLink on Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day 1 - your bag doesn't need a seat

From the clouds of Bespin to the Sarlacc pit of Carkoon, TransLink loves to celebrate Star Wars Day.

On May the 4th, our intrepid crew embarks on a mission to bring you closer to a galaxy far, far away.

For the last four years, TransLink has been paying tribute to the wonderfully wacky world of Star Wars in a variety of clever ways.

Granted, it did have humble beginnings.

One Padawan with a particular penchant for Star Wars is ^LA (known outside of the galaxy as Lance Alden). His name even sounds like he could be on a smuggling run with Han and Chewie.

Lance started working for Coast Mountain Bus Company 13 years ago as a cook in the cafeteria. After a few years, his work journey took him to the call centre at Gateway Station, where he’s now a Customer Information Work Leader.

During his time, Lance has been open about his love for Star Wars because, “it’s never something I would have hidden!”

In 2019, he had the bright idea of collaborating with his team of fellow Work Leaders and the folks behind The Buzzer to really elevate our Star Wars Day content.

This year, the team added a few new characters to the roster.

Lance’s job mainly involves keeping customers informed about service disruptions, delays, and detours across the transit system. While he and his team are usually reacting to issues or helping the public, Lance loves creating something fun every year on a very special day for him and Star Wars fans across the galaxy.

In case you’re wondering, his favourite flick is 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. He’s a big Hoth fan.

What’s in store for next year? Lance and his crew say they have something even bigger planned, so stay tuned!

And don’t forget to take transit on Star Wars Day.

As Yoda says, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Here is a look back at some of the previous years’ Star Wars-inspired tweets:

2020’s content had a COVID-themed focus on health and working from home.

The trend continued in 2021.