Scouts design TransLink’s first-ever scout badge

Scouts design TransLink’s first-ever scout badge

Scout badges represent a scout’s achievement and a reminder of their adventures and the challenges they’ve overcome. To Zachary, it’s twice as rewarding to earn TransLink’s first-ever scout badge as he helped design it.

Zachary and Eli won the Pacific Coast Council badge-designing contest in 2022. Scouts who participated in the contest designed a TransLink-themed badge for our annual scavenger hunt. We’ve combined the winning designs to make this one awesome scout badge that scouts will receive as a token for participating in the event:

TransLink scout badge

Zachary, a scout from 4th South West Burnaby, is responsible for the hand-drawn sketch at the center of the badge. He drew a TransLink bus driving on a sunny day with mountain scenery all around. On the bus’ windshield, he drew reflections of tents representing scouts camping.

Zachary's design - blue bus driving on a sunny day

Eli, a scout from 10th Richmond Sea, inspired the design for the border of the badge. It features icons of the different modes of transit in Metro Vancouver – bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express. The icons are linked by intersecting lines which tell the story that transit in Metro Vancouver is connected.


Eli's design - transit icons connected by intersecting lines


Huge thanks to all scouts who shared their artistic talents with us by designing these badges:


We’re excited to host the scouts scavenger hunt on June 3rd from 1 – 4 p.m. at Metrotown Station and Lonsdale Quay. Scouts will learn how to take transit, familiarize themselves with the wayfinding elements, and learn safety and etiquette while riding transit.

If you know of children and youth aged 5-26, encourage them to join Scouts Canada where they can experience adventures and learn life skills.