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Bringing Bach back: experience classical music with live orchestra on transit

Bringing Bach back: experience classical music with live orchestra on transit

Violins in orchestra

Johann Sebastian Bach is regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time. While his name may be unfamiliar to you, you’ve likely heard of his music.

Have a listen.

Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve heard it from a movie inspired by the Baroque era (when Bach’s music became popular), or a movie scene with a bass player doing a solo. Maybe it’s in one of the classical music Spotify playlists that you listen to for study and focus. Or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of it.

And if you listen real close and look back at how people use the music, it’s the kind that one listens to to be present.

But unfortunately, classical music isn’t considered mainstream nowadays. And the experience where an audience watches and listens intently to this lyricless genre isn’t something most people seek. Dale Henderson, a classical musician, hopes to change that hence starting the global campaign Bach in the Subways.

Usually held in March on Bach’s birthday, Bach in the Subways is a time for classical musicians to play in public for fun and for free, so the many people who haven’t experienced classical music, get to.

Here in Metro Vancouver, you’re in for a treat as we’re inviting a live orchestra at Waterfront Station to play!

Bach in the Subways

Henderson believes that the decline in classical audiences is because people haven’t experienced this music live and up close. So, in 2010, he began performing classical music in the subways of New York City, particularly of Bach as he believed Bach to be the perfect ambassador of his art. Henderson would also decline donations as he believes the essence would be more powerful when money’s not part of it.

In Bach’s 326th birthday in 2011, Henderson invited other musicians to join him play in the New York City subway. This later became a tradition, where musicians would come together and share their love for classical music during Bach’s birthday week.

Whether you’re a classical music lover or not, you’re invited to this experience not even money can buy.

Art Moves features: North Shore Chamber Orchestra for Bach in the Subways

Art Moves is our music and performance residency series bringing liveliness to your commute. We’ve invited performers to surprise and delight riders. Recently, we invited North Shore Celtic Ensemble to play Madonna’s hits on fiddle.

This March, we’ve invited North Shore Chamber Orchestra to partake in the global campaign, Bach in the Subways, for Bach’s 339th birthday and share the classical music experience with transit riders. Save the date!

  • 📅 Four pop-up performances between 1 – 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 23
  • 📍 Waterfront Station

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