The many ways transit staff help keep Metro Vancouver moving

The many ways transit staff help keep Metro Vancouver moving

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March 18 is Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day. Every year, we join transit agencies across Canada and the United States in recognizing the vital role transit staff play in connecting you with people and to places that matter most to you.

Join us in saying thanks on Transit Operator and Worker Appreciation Day!

Show your appreciation

Let your transit workers know how much you appreciate them:

  • Say thanks
  • Use the hashtag #ThanksTransit on social media. Make sure you mention @TransLink so everyone knows you’re giving kudos to a Metro Vancouver transit worker.
  • Visit or call Customer Information at 604.953.3333 to leave a commendation for a transit worker.
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Learn about some of the people and teams

Transit Operators

Our Conventional Bus Operators and Community Shuttle Operators are responsible for the safe operation of buses, getting you from point A to point B. Go behind the scenes at our training centre and join Derrick, chief instructor at Coast Mountain Bus Company to learn what it’s like to operate the bus.

Meet Ashley, one of our transit operators. Find out from him what spurred him to become an operator and what a typical day is like. Psst…ready to steer your career in a new direction? We’re hiring for Transit Operators! Visit to learn more and apply.

SkyTrain Attendants

Our SkyTrain Attendants deliver first-rate customer service on trains and at stations to you, our customers. There’s more to what SkyTrain Attendants do than meets the eye. Have a listen!

SeaBus staff

The SeaBus operates more than 49,000 trips annually across the Burrard Inlet, connecting Lonsdale Quay and Waterfront. Take this ride with Jag, Director of SeaBus at Coast Mountain Bus Company, and Jesse, a SeaBus Captain — the one who drives the vessel.

Transit Supervisor

Head out on the field with Mark and Hugh, Transit Supervisors at Coast Mountain Bus Company. When buses experience delays due to unexpected issues like traffic and road conditions, Transit Supervisors step in to help resolve.

Travel Training

Travel Training supports newcomers, seniors, and people with diverse abilities by providing them with travel training. Here’s a story on how their work is transforming the lives of students with diverse abilities.


Our mechanics at Coast Mountain Bus Company are responsible for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of buses and trolleys, as well their components!

Vehicle Technicians

Step into one of our Operations Maintenance Centre where Felix, a Technician at British Columbia Rapid Transit Company or SkyTrain, changes the train’s collector shoes from carbon to brass, in preparation for winter. Vehicle Technicians are responsible for all things related to the SkyTrain cars such as inspections and repairs.



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SkyTrain Control Centre

What goes into operating the fully automated, driverless system that is SkyTrain? Step inside the SkyTrain Control Centre, which is like air traffic control for SkyTrain, and learn about the people behind the computer that

SkyTrain maintenance

What does it take to keep the SkyTrain well-maintained? It takes a village. Listen to this podcast episode for the 411!

 Elevator and Escalator Technicians

Hear all about what goes in in maintaining the elevators and escalators at SkyTrain stations from Sidd, an Elevator and Escalator Technician at SkyTrain.

West Coast Express

The West Coast Express (WCE) is our commuter rail service that travels between Downtown Vancouver and Mission City on weekdays during morning and evening rush hours. Learn what it takes to operate this service!


How do you know where to go when inside a SkyTrain station? It’s the work of wayfinding! Learn how wayfinding materials like maps and signs come together to help you seamlessly navigate throughout the transit system.

These roles are only a fraction of the thousands of transit staff that work on the frontlines and behind the scenes. To more than 8,000 employees that maintain and grow Metro Vancouver’s transportation system, thank you.

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