10 things to do in and around Stanley Park

10 things to do in and around Stanley Park

19 Stanley Park bus heading to Stanley Park. Cherry blossom trees are blooming

Stanley Park is a Vancouver classic. If you live here, there’s a high chance you’ve explored it to some capacity. The park more than a tourist hotspot.  Believe it or not, the lush, forested area offers some things you may not have had the chance to check out yet.

Getting to the park is easy with the 19 Stanley Park/Metrotown bus, which brings you into the heart of the park. The 240 Lynn Valley/Downtown, 246 Highland/Downtown, 250 Horseshoe Bay/Vancouver, and 257 Horseshoe Bay/Vancouver routes also take you near Stanley Park. The bus route to take varies based on where you’re coming from, so plan your trip with our Trip Planner.

Experience a fun day out with your friends and family by checking out these spots in around Stanley Park, where you’ll be able to go on shorter walks, longer hikes, eat good food, and take in the beauty of Vancouver’s natural world.

Off the beaten path

Rhododendron Garden

You may have visited the Rose Garden in Stanley Park, but did you know there’s also a rhododendron garden? Rhododendrons are gorgeous flowering trees and shrubs that can live for hundreds of years. They come in a bunch of different colours and are truly a sight to see! The Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden is in full bloom in early May.

🌺Things to do: Go for a stroll, do some photography, have a photoshoot, learn more about rhododendrons.

📍 Location: Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden

Brockton Point Lighthouse

On the very tip of the most eastern point in Stanley Park lies a century-old lighthouse as well as some beautiful totem poles. First used as a graveyard, then a sports field, and eventually an important site for a lighthouse, the spot now boasts beautiful views, and is walking distance from the bus loop.

⚓Things to do: Go on a walk, bike ride, learn about the history of the area, take in the sights.

📍 Location: Brockton Point

Beaver Lake trail walk

You can find Beaver Lake in the middle of the park, surrounded by a diverse array of foliage. There’s a walking trail that loops around the lake, and most importantly, beavers! You can spot a large dam and the beavers themselves, although they only really appear during dusk or dawn. Like Brockton Point, Beaver Lake is walking distance from the bus loop.

🌲Things to do: Observer the local flora and fauna, go for a relaxing walk or bike ride, take lots of photos, go beaver-spotting.

📍 Location: Beaver Lake Trail

Siwash Rock

Formed 32 million years ago from volcanic activity, Siwash Rock is a spot to look out for with a lot of interesting history. Visible from the Siwash hiking trail, the rock is surrounded by legends among the Squamish people, and the area also had a role to play during the First World War. The hiking trail is accessible by walking from the Stanley Park bus loop; however, this trail is more suited to those able to walk longer distances.

🏞️Things to do: Go on a scenic hike, learn about Siwash rock and the surrounding area’s history, spend some good time outdoors.

📍 Location: Siwash Rock trail

Lost Lagoon walk

Despite being a relatively short distance, the Lost Lagoon walk has scenic views of the city. Located right at the entrance of the park, the lagoon is a beautiful body of water home to a variety of wildlife. The Lost Lagoon trail is a quick walk from the Pipeline Road stop on the route of the 19.

🦆Things to do: Take photos of the city skyline, walk/bike, keep an eye out for animals.

📍 Location: Lost Lagoon path

Good eats in Stanley Park

Teahouse in Stanley Park

While not a teahouse in the traditional sense anymore, the Teahouse in Stanley Park is a charming restaurant located on the western side of the park right by Third Beach. The building used to be a garrison and mess hall during World War II and features a greenhouse.

📍 Location: Teahouse in Stanley Park

Ice cream at Prospect Point

The cafe at Prospect Point offers locally made ice cream that uses locally sourced ingredients. After making the trek out to Prospect Point, ice cream is the perfect reward! The cafe opens in May, just in time for the warm weather.

📍 Location: Prospect Point Cafe

Good eats near Stanley Park

There are several must-try eats near Stanley Park too, some of which are sought-after and unique to Metro Vancouver.

Maruhachi Ra-Men

This ramen spot is located on Bidwell Street and can be walked to from the Denman St. stop on the 19’s route. Their specialty is a creamy chicken broth called Tori-Paitan, and it’s worth checking out if you’re a ramen lover looking for a new kind of broth to try.

📍 Location: Maruhachi Ra-Men Westend

Daigyo Cafe

Located on Robson Street, Daigyo Cafe is also walking distance from Denman St. stop. The cafe features authentic Japanese drinks and desserts, including a wide selection of teas and, of course, matcha.

📍 Location: Daigyo Cafe Robson

The Red Accordion

The Red Accordion

Converted from an old home, the Red Accordion is a farm-to-table restaurant with a diverse menu and eclectic decor. You can walk there from the Denman St. stop as well. It’s a smaller spot with a cozy vibe, perfect for brunch!

📍 Location: The Red Accordion

Which must-visit and must-try spots near Stanley Park did we miss? Comment and share with others to enjoy!