What’s in it for you during Go by Bike Week from June 3-9

What’s in it for you during Go by Bike Week from June 3-9

A cyclist bikes on a bike path

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, there’s something for you for Go by Bike Week which runs from Monday, June 3 to Sunday, June 9. HUB Cycling’s Go by Bike Week is the perfect time for Metro Vancouverites to say goodbye to crowded roads and hello to a healthier, happier commute!  Dust off your bike, and hop on for leisure rides, errands, or even your work commute.

It’s also a time to celebrate cyclists! (And yes, there are places to celebrate with fellow cyclists)

This week is packed with exclusive perks — like free bike maintenance, a chance to win prizes (like a cycling trip to Italy), workshops, and a free bikeshare monthly pass.

But first — if you’re new to cycling, why should you consider cycling?

For one, cycling promotes a healthy active lifestyle. And two, we’re fortunate to be in the bike-friendly region of Metro Vancouver with numerous cycling paths and trails, many offering scenic views. TransLink continues to invest in active travel projects, making it easy to integrate cycling with transit — we have lots of bike parking options near transit, and you can bring your bikes on buses and trains.

So, if you want to start cycling, make new cycling buddies, or simply enjoy some freebies, go by bike from June 3-9.

Here’s what’s in it for you during Go by Bike Week:

Celebration stations with free bike maintenance, snacks, and cycling resources

There are 35 celebration stations across Metro Vancouver during Go by Bike Week. Each activation offers free basic bike maintenance service, snacks (for morning stations only), and cycling resources.

These stations run only for 1-3 hours, so plan your trip!

Free bike maintenance workshops

Maintaining your bike is crucial for a safe and comfortable ride. Learning to do the basics of maintenance can not only save you money and time from going to a repair shop, but is also handy for when you’re on the road and have no easy access to repairs.

You’ll learn about bike mechanics and have access to tools and experts!

There are only three bike workshops for the week, all begin at or after 6 p.m., so make some time to attend at least one!

Free Monthly Pass from Mobi by Rogers

Here’s a free opportunity to see if bike-sharing services can add value to your life! Mobi by Rogers is offering a free Monthly Pass (valued at $49) from June 3-9. The pass gives you unlimited 30-minute rides on classic bikes for 30 days.

? A ‘ride’ counts as the moment you pick up and return a bike. For a Monthly Pass, your plan includes using a classic bike for 30 minutes at a time. If during a ride you go over your 30-minute quota, you’ll start incurring a fee of 29¢/minute. You can do multiple different rides per day without incurring extra charges, so long as those rides are 30 minutes long or less.

A Monthly Pass also gives you a discounted rate for Mobi by Rogers e-bikes. Compared to paying $1.75 to unlock an e-bike and a rate of 39¢ per minute (with a minimum of $3 per ride) if you pay per ride, unlocking an e-bike with a Monthly Pass is free and your rate is discounted to 29¢ per minute.

Here’s how to redeem a free Monthly Pass from Mobi by Rogers:

Note: This is only valid to new users and users who aren’t subscribed to a plan during June 3-9.

  1. Log in or sign up to mobibikes.ca. Use the Mobi by Rogers App for a more seamless experience.
  2. If you’re new, you’ll be asked to select a plan. In the options, select ‘Monthly Pass’. It will then ask you to input a code. Type code “gbbw”. This code is only valid from June 3-9.
  3. If you’re an existing Monthly Pass subscriber and your plan renews before or during the week of June 3-9, you can redeem this perk by stopping auto-renew on your current plan and subscribing again during the week of June 3-9.

Note that the free Monthly Pass is only free for a 30-day period.

A chance to win prizes

Biking during Go by Bike Week can be rewarding! Register now for your chance to win bike-tastic prizes, including a cycling trip to Italy.

You earn an entry for every trip you log between June 3-9. Every ride counts! (As long as you log it)

There are prizes for everyone and specifically for high school students and team leaders. See prizes and eligibility requirements.

Are you new to cycling or would like to expand your knowledge? Here are some online resources to check out and bookmark:

You can travel further, faster when you integrate cycling with transit. Here’s how to use the bike rack onboard buses:

Happy cycling! And stay safe!