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Holiday Service for Labour Day: September 2, 2013


The new #96 B-Line route will use King George Boulevard to link Guildford and Newton Exchange!


Tomorrow is Labour Day (September 2nd, 2013)! Most of our services will be running on a Sunday schedule, including buses, Seabus, and SkyTrain Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines. The West Coast Express and TrainBus will not be in operation.

Also, September 2nd also marks the first day of September Service Changes, including the new 96 B-Line in Surrey! Check out Transit Alerts on the TransLink website for full details.

Remember, on Sundays and holidays, you can pay a single-zone fare to travel in all zones all day! As well, those with an adult FareCard, West Coast Express 28-Day Pass, or Annual Employer Transit Pass can take five children, or one adult and four children, on transit with them for free. (The offer doesn’t apply to concession passes.)

For transit service info, feel free to reach out to our call centre on Twitter (@TransLink) or at 604-953-3333!


UPDATE: September 3rd, 2013

Did you have a chance to see or take a ride on the new 96 B-Line yet? If you haven’t, not to worry – today is only its second day of service. Fellow transit rider Eric Webster took this great picture of the new express bus. Check out his Flickr photostream here for more pictures!


96 B-Line by Eric Webster

Photo credit to Eric Webster.

Author: Angela Chang

September Service Changes – New 96 B-Line!

September Service Changes – New 96 B-Line!

On September 2, 2013, TransLink will be launching the new 96 B-Line service along King George Boulevard and 104 Ave. It will provide an express bus link connecting Newton and Guildford Exchanges via Surrey Central, and will run every seven to eight minutes.

Another major improvement is coming to Surrey through service optimization: The 335 will be extended all the way to Newton Exchange via 152nd Street and 72nd ave, fulfilling a longtime customer request to provide service along 72nd Avenue, east of 144th Street.

Increased frequency or reroutes 

  • The C36 in Port Coquitlam will now run every 10 minutes in the morning peak period instead of 15.
  • The 332 will be merged with the 335 service, operating as a 335 “short-turn” route instead.
  • The 154 will be renamed the 128, and travel Eighth Ave in New Westminster instead of Sixth.
  • The 101 will now serve Sixth Ave west of Sixth St.
  • The C98 will be taken off Highway 91 to use Westminster Highway to service Queensborough Landing and Richmond’s Hamilton neighbourhood.

Shortened, discontinued, or frequency reduced routes

  • On weekdays, every second 20 Victoria bus will now turn around at Victoria and 54th instead of the terminus at Harrison Loop.
  • The 314 will no longer travel to Scott Road Station. Passengers are advised to transfer to 640 from River Road and Centre Street.
  • The 177 connecting Coquitlam and Braid stations will be discontinued due to low ridership. A rerouted 159 will serve the western portion of the route along United Boulevard via Fraser Mills. During peak hours, select trips on the 169 will detour via Cape Horn Ave and Colony Farm Rd to maintain some level of access to the Riverview campus.
  • The 10 Granville/Downtown will use larger articulated buses to increase capacity, but will see a modest reduction in frequency.
  • The C1 and C2 serving Burnaby Heights will be reduced to hourly frequency during off-peak periods.
  • There will be reductions in frequency to routes 320 and 321, since both services cover the same route as the new 96 B-Line. Riders of the 320 and 321 are encouraged to take the new express route instead.

For more information…

Just a reminder that we do these service changes four times a year, to better match rider demand and ensure efficient use of our fleet. Look for similar changes every April, June, September, December!

Please visit to learn more about the September service changes.

You can also stay informed about route changes through the following channels:

  • Subscribe to receive Transit Alerts by email or text message at
  • Check for Alerts on your smartphone at
  • Follow TransLink on Twitter, @translink
  • Or call Customer Information at 604.953.3333!

Author: Angela Chang

Take transit to the Fair at the PNE!



The Fair at the PNE opened this past weekend and runs until Labour Day, so here’s a friendly reminder of the bus services we offer to the fair.

In addition to regular transit service – the 014 and 135 stop directly outside the PNE grounds, while the 016 stops on Renfrew, south of Hastings. TransLink services will provide special buses to connect with the SkyTrain Expo/Millennium Line.

The main transfer locations are at 29th Ave. SkyTrain Station and Renfrew SkyTrain Station, where PNE Specials 016 will run every 15 minutes from 9:34am until 11:49pm.

  • from Phibbs Exchange 210 in North Vancouver to Pacific Coliseum, every 30 minutes from 10:00am to midnight.
  • from Horseshoe Bay 250 to Pacific Coliseum at 9:25am, 9:45am, 10:25am, 12:40pm and 4:20pm (stopping at Park Royal 20 minutes later)Additional trips will be leaving 25th and Marine at 11:00am, 12:55pm, 2:30pm and 4:35pm
  • return trips leave to 257 West Vancouver leave Pacific Coliseum at 1:30 (to Park Royal only), 3:20pm, 4:10pm, 5:30pm, 6:20pm, 7:30pm and 8:20pm (to Horseshoe Bay) with a final trip to 25th & Marine at 11:00pm.
  • NB: the 014 UBC will leave Kootenay Loop a few minutes early during peak periods to allow for delays at stops serving the PNE.

SkyTrain will run its regular service schedules throughout The Fair, but will add extra service if needed to handle extra crowds. Please make sure to check Transit Alerts for exact times and bus service changes.

For exact times of West Vancouver Transit services, or more info on these services please give TransLink Customer Information a call at (604) 953-3333.

Author: Angela Chang

Bus to Rail Transfer Still Possible with Compass Card

Hello Buzzer friends! 

Recently, there has been a number of media reports talking about a “double transit fee” when transferring from a bus to the SkyTrain with the upcoming Compass Card. I’d like to share some information about this issue with you, and hopefully clear up some questions you may have! 


Here’s a link to the media release regarding this news.

The upcoming Compass Card will be the easiest way to travel across the system.

When you use a Compass Card, you will be able to transfer between all transit modes, including bus and rail easily. You will also be able to enjoy other benefits, including a discount of up to 14 per cent over cash fares.

Tap in, tap out with a Compass Card to easily transfer between all transit modes!

Tap in, tap out with a Compass Card to easily transfer between all transit modes!

To be clear, you will be able to transfer from bus to rail with the Compass Card or a Compass ticket, without paying the “double transit fee”.

It is only customers who purchase fares on buses with cash who will not be able to use those transfers to transfer to rail.

To convert all the bus fareboxes to issue passes that would access the fare gates would cost about $25 million, and would also take a long time to implement.

Customers in focus groups had told us that they would rather us save the money and time, and instead, focus on an extended transition period.

During this period, TransLink will be providing an education and awareness program to give customers plenty of time to pick up a Compass Card, and to learn about the new system.

We are not unique in our approach. Many other transit systems around the world, including London and Paris, also don’t allow cash bus to rail transfers.

As is the case with many significant, complex and innovative Information Technology (IT) projects, Compass will be introduced in phases. The great thing about Compass is that the technology has built-in flexibility and scalability which will allow us to eventually add in features to make the transit experience better for you!


For more information about the Compass Card, please take a look at the FAQ page.



UPDATE: Thank you all for your ongoing interest in the upcoming Compass Card! I am happy many of you are taking steps to ask questions and learn more about the program. Keep in mind beta testing hasn’t quite started yet, so we will have more information rolling in for you as the time comes around!

Due to the large number of questions surrounding the $6 deposit fee, I want to provide a clarification and an example. Hope this helps!

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Join the Bus Stop Hop on Sat August 17, 2013!

Bus Stop Hop 2013

Get on board the Bus Stop Hop on Saturday, August 17, 2013!

The Bus Stop Hop is an annual Amazing-Race-style event to showcase accessible public transport in Metro Vancouver. We’ve also written about it in previous years as well; here is our post from last year.
Spinal Cord Injury BC organizes this event in association with TransLink every year and here’s how they describe it:

Inspired by the Amazing Race, the BSH is a one-day, team-based event that has participants racing across the city, using accessible transportation, completing fun activities and collecting points. What makes BSH unique is its focus on accessible transit and its team structure: four teammates consisting of two able-bodied people and two people using wheelchairs or mobility aids. Teams race around the city to all the hot spots, answering trivia questions and scoring points, using everything Translink has to offer.

BSH is a free event. Join us for our craziest annual event and challenge yourself! Come and discover your amazing and accessible city.


Encourage your friends to try this fun annual event! To register, contact Alanna at 604-326-1221 or If you are interested in participating but don’t have a team—sign up anyway as you can be matched up!

Visit SCI BC’s website for all the details, including how to register and more.

Author: Angela Chang

I Love Transit 2013: An Interview with Brent Toderian

I Love Transit 2013

It’s I Love Transit Week! Today, we’re excited to chat with Brent Toderian, Vancouver’s former Chief City Planner. He is now a national and international urbanism consultant with cities across the globe, as well as the founding president of the Council for Canadian Urbanism. Follow him on Twitter at @BrentToderian.

NEWS: Brent Toderian . Chief City Planner for Vancouver pictured in Sydney.

Brent Toderian, Vancouver’s former Chief City Planner and avid transit fan!

Why do you love transit?

Professionally, I love transit because of the effect it has on the shape and success of cities. It supports, and is supported by, well-designed cities, with density and a rich mixing of uses. Frankly, city-regions can’t work effectively and successfully without effective and successful transit. Transit saves cities a massive amount of space and money and is one of the most effective investments in the future with a well-established return on investment. It contributes to more healthy, sustainable, nimble and economically successful places.

Personally, being a frequent transit user makes me healthier, more socially connected, more connected with my city, and happier. It improves my quality-of-life and saves me a ton of money. Frankly, what’s not to love?

What does transit mean to you?

To me, a well-designed and successful transit system equals freedom and flexibility. The car used to be associated with freedom, but not anymore. High gas prices that will just keep going up, traffic congestion, struggles to find parking–increasingly, the car just means a hassle. However, I can travel to anywhere I need to in my city on transit, easily and inexpensively. That’s freedom.

Transit also means a successful city. It’s very hard to think of a city that I consider successful that doesn’t have a great transit system.

What are your earliest memories of transit?

My earliest transit memories are from Montréal, where my mother’s side of the family lived, and where I spent many months of each year while growing up. I learned to take transit, and love transit on Montréal’s Metro system. I still tend to compare every system I experience with it. I learned how to read visual cues and way-finding, line colour and direction, everything about how to navigate a system first in Montréal. And it’s still one of my favorite transit systems, and cities. Read more »

Roads and Bridges: Restaurants along the Major Road Network

roads and bridges bannerWe’ve been devoting a handful of posts to the roads and bridges TransLink is responsible for in the region. For the basics on TransLink’s roads and bridges, check out the Managing major roads and bridges in Metro Vancouver post from our TransLink 101 series and check out the roads and bridges series to read the other posts.

For this final post in the series, Angela, our student communications assistant, is sharing her love of food and where to find it along the Major Road Network (MRN). Besides spending her summer at TransLink, Angela is also part of the team over at, Vancouver’s food adventure network. We thought it would be great to marry her love of food and transit in one post. Enjoy!


Richmond – Deer Garden

3 Locations: 8580 Alexandra Road, Richmond | 3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond | 6270 Fraser St. & 47th, Vancouver

Deer Garden Signatures is a popular favourite. They are renowned for their signature fish soup noodles, and have two locations in Richmond: Alexandra Road, and Sexsmith Road in Union Square. Deer Garden also opened a new franchise in Vancouver last year on Fraser St. and 47th.

For $8.50, you get to choose your own soup base, noodles, two toppings, and a hot or cold drink. Portions are huge, and I love the variety of different toppings to choose from. My personal favourite soup base is the Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup with Rice Noodles.

Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup at Deer Garden. Photo Credit: Curtis @ Foodobyte

Tomato & Pumpkin Fish Soup at Deer Garden. Photo Credit: Curtis @ Foodobyte

Downtown Vancouver – Nook Restaurant 

2 Locations: 781 Denman St., Vancouver | 1525 Yew St., Vancouver

Nook is located just off Robson Street on Denman Street. They also recently opened a new location in Kitsilano. Whenever I visit, I usually order the specials of the day, which are usually chalked onto a blackboard. They have never disappointed – always a mixture of refreshing ingredients, yet with the most flavourful and delicious pizzas and pastas I have had in the city. I especially appreciate their use of fresh arugula – it really adds a bit of punch to the pizza!

Be forewarned: the restaurant is quite cosy and does not take reservations. For larger parties, they recommend visiting their sister restaurant Tavola, right around the corner.

Nook Restaurant

Nook Restaurant

West Vancouver – Fraiche Restaurant

2240 Chippendale Road, West Vancouver

Fraiche Restaurant is located just off the Trans Canada Highway 1 in West Vancouver. It features Pacific Northwest cuisine, with a stunning panoramic view of the Lions Gate Bridge and surrounding areas. The menu offers Ocean Wise (thumbs-up!) and gluten-free options – a bonus for those with diet limitations! Although a little more on the luxurious side of fine dining, it’s worth dropping by for a visit for a fantastic view of Vancouver and beautifully prepared cuisine.

My favourite dish is the Maple Glazed Sablefish – rich, succulent, and delicious!


Enjoy a beautiful panoramic view at Fraiche Restaurant

Enjoy a beautiful panoramic view at Fraiche Restaurant

Burnaby – Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot

4500 Kingsway (Crystal Mall)

This little hole-in-the-wall, Han Ju, is located just outside Crystal Mall in Burnaby, also within walking distance from Metrotown.  Their hotpots are affordable and delicious,  and their Korean Style BBQ bowl is an excellent choice of comfort food – it includes rice, spicy tofy, pork, egg, bok choy, cabbage, and a small soup broth on the side. A particularly refreshing drink is their lychee drink: cool, crisp, and sweet. The BBQ bowl and lychee juice have become my usual order at this little spot after a long day of shopping at Metrotown!

Korean Style BBQ bowl at Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot

Korean Style BBQ bowl at Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot

Kitsilano – Café Régalade 

2836 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Tucked in the Kitsilano area, this French restaurant, Café Régalade, works wonders with their cuisine. Their brunch menu items are great – lots of variety for a friendly price. Their Healthy Breakfast option comes with two boiled eggs, low fat yogurt, fruit salad, home made granola, choice of milk, and dipping soldiers. For dinner, their Duck Breast a L’Orange is incredible – each tender bite of duck is soaked in a rich orange sauce that is beautifully balanced between sweet, tart and a touch savoury.

Café Régalade

Café Régalade, on West 4th Ave.


These are just a few of my favourite go-to places in Vancouver! There are so many amazing restaurants in this vibrant city. Seeing as I am still slowly exploring my way into other areas of Metro Vancouver, such as Surrey, White Rock, and Coquitlam, what great places would you recommend?

What are your favourite restaurants within the Major Road Network?

Author: Angela Chang

Introducing Angela!

Hello Buzzer Readers!

Buzzer, Translink, Introduction, Angela

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to be here :D

My name is Angela and I am very excited to be joining TransLink and the Buzzer Blog as TransLink’s new student communications assistant.

Over the next two months, I look forward to contributing to The Buzzer and hopefully getting to know the Buzzer readers.

Living in Metro Vancouver without a car has made me a frequent transit user — I depend on the transit system everyday to go to school, work… anywhere I need to go!

Studying at Simon Fraser University also pushed me to learn to travel from my city of Richmond, to Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey for my classes and activities. Pure curiosity pushed me to travel beyond, to all corners of Metro Vancouver. I’m definitely grateful that this system exists in our cities.

Between transfers and buses, I’ve discovered that commuting has its perks: one is that spending time on the transit system is a great way to learn to love and appreciate the magnificent beauty of Metro Vancouver.

As a fellow transit commuter, I hope to share my experiences and discoveries of the region’s vibrant culture with all of you over the next two months!

Author: Angela Chang