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An update on iMove

An update on iMove

Reader xl asked for an update on iMove, the transportation information website launched in November 2007 by TransLink and a number of partners. (xl’s original request can be seen here.)

For those who don’t know, iMove is like a one-stop shop for transportation information in the Lower Mainland. On one map, you can see which roads are under construction, what upcoming events might be blocking traffic (and where), what traffic cameras are seeing around a road you might be travelling on, and much, much more. There’s also transit routes, cycling maps, trucking routes outlined… but you get the picture. Municipalities and other sources update the data on a regular basis.

So what is in the future for iMove? That’s actually a tough question to answer. iMove is a joint project with many partners, and we’re not yet certain of the next big steps for the site. (Partners include the BC Ministry of Transportation, Transport Canada, Western Economic Diversification and the Vancouver Port Authority.)

We do know, however, that work will continue on the backend to enhance the information that is available, and that there are traffic data sources that we are still seeking to add to the project. A top priority is data from emergency services about the locations of accidents and other incidents throughout the region.

There are also some very useful features on the iMove map that we want to keep promoting, so we’re going to borrow a few of them for an upcoming iMove-like map feature on the TransLink website. I can’t talk too much about it, except to say it will add another easy way to visualize and plan transit trips in our region. You’ll see!

xl also asked a few more questions which I have answers to:

Will we continue to see messages to tell us to abandon IE7?
No – this is going away.

Will there be a cellphone or mobile friendly version?
No, but as described, we are working on an iMove-like map feature for the TransLink website, and we’re working on making that feature mobile-friendly.

Will there be greater effort to update content when there is service disruptions (ie. weather related? SkyTrain issues?)?
Yes. A step in this direction is the new alert bar at the top of the mobile site which will be integrated into the Next Bus SMS system as well.

That’s it for now! And if anyone else has other story ideas they would like me to investigate, please let me know!


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