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Something neat:

Something neat:

Okay, this is just something interesting I came across yesterday: MeetInBetween.Us.

After you punch in multiple addresses into the site, it calculates a midway meeting point between all of them. Plus it will locate coffeeshops, restaurants, and other good spots for meetups in the area — super handy for transit riders or even ridesharers!

(Even more fun is the story behind the site: it was developed in just two days as part of Rails Rumble 2008, where teams had to create something in 48 hours or less using the Ruby on Rails web framework. Check out the site of one of the MeetInBetween.Us developers’ for more on just how it was brought to life!)

One caveat. I tried it out with some local addresses, and the coffeeshop/restaurant-type data for our area is good but not great. But the site is just a week old, and they’re planning upgrades after the Rails Rumble challenge is totally over (currently they’re in the phase where you have to vote for your favourite site developed during the challenge). So hopefully data will only get better!

And I should also probably say that TransLink has no affiliation with the developers or their creation, just that I thought it was a pretty great concept worth sharing.

Now, I’d like to throw it out to you guys: do you know of any other good sites or tools that travellers in our region might find handy?


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