SkyTrain unconference final summary

SkyTrain unconference final summary

Head on over to the SkyTrain Unconference blog to see the final summary from the unconference. That’s all the discussion info compiled into one delicious Word document!

If you hadn’t heard, the SkyTrain Unconference was an event we held on Saturday Oct. 4, inviting the public to discuss SkyTrain security. The unconference format is a more constructive, participant-driven style which we were eager to try, since we’re always exploring new formats for community dialogue. The unconference blog was also a big part of the event, allowing for longer discussion on security issues and driving interest in the unconference itself. (Find out more about the whole SkyTrain unconference here.)

The chief points that bubbled up from the discussion were:

  • Station Design and Community Integration
  • Internal Station Environment
  • Role of Municipalities Around SkyTrain Stations
  • Disabled Access/Planning for Access
  • Impacts of Media Reporting
  • Media

Many suggestions were provided on these points – check out the full post at the unconference blog for the full details.

And TransLink and SkyTrain staff are really planning to translate these suggestions into action. We are planning to directly address any issues or suggestions that can be acted upon now, while investigating other issues that need more research and discussion in our organizations, and during future stakeholder consultations on SkyTrain security.

Plus, both TransLink and SkyTrain are planning to report back to participants on how we have responded to each suggestion, so stay tuned to the unconference blog and the Buzzer blog for updates!