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Get into the groove: a SkyTrain advisory for Madonna concertgoers

Get into the groove: a SkyTrain advisory for Madonna concertgoers

Madonna fans! We know over 50,000 of you will be rushing to Madge’s B.C. Place concert on Thursday evening, so SkyTrain is extending afternoon rush-hour service to get you downtown for the show. When the concert’s over, SkyTrain will also run extra trains to get everyone home as quickly as possible.

We’ve also got some tips to make your trip as easy and convenient as possible:

  • Have exact fare, if you don’t already have a monthly FareCard, FareSaver, DayPass or U-Pass.
    While our ticket machines do make change, and also accept debit and credit cards, these transactions can be slower. If you are travelling in a group, take advantage of the “Multiple Fares” option to get more than one ticket for a single payment transaction.
  • Prepay for your trip home
    You can also take advantage of “express pay” options before the event at King George station (5:00 to 7:00pm) and at Stadium station (6:00 to 7:30pm), prepaying for your trip home, to avoid ticket machine lineups at the end of the event. Exact fare required; no refunds; valid until last train.
  • Please be patient
    There will be lineups at the station after the event – please be patient, and we will get you home as quickly as possible.
  • Move along the platform and move down the aisles
    Some trains will be crowded, especially after the event. Please move along the platform to take full advantage of the roomiest cars. Please move down the aisles inside the cars, and don’t block the doors.

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