Albion Ferry shut down due to ice

Albion Ferry shut down due to ice

(Listen to Drew Snider’s media update on the Albion Ferry shutdown above… or just read on…)

Yikes — owing to ice on the Fraser River, the Albion Ferry is shut down until further notice. The ice is building up against the docks, making it impossible for the ferries to land safely.

Unfortunately, that means the many customers who walk on the ferry and leave their vehicles on the other side will need to take an alternate route to get to their vehicles. CMBC is looking into providing alternate bus service due to this situation, but no word yet if they can get the resources to help out right now.

Drew’s Youtube clip says that the Albion Ferry was last shut down due to ice seven years ago, and back then, it took two days to restore service. And apparently, this current ice situation is worse than that previous ice problem seven years ago, meaning that it could be longer than two days before service is restored.

Stay tuned to the TransLink info profile on Youtube for more updates on the situation. I’ll update the blog if any more major news happens.