The Albion Ferry is back (for now), plus other snow service updates for Thursday morning

The Albion Ferry is back (for now), plus other snow service updates for Thursday morning

Here’s your morning update on service for Thursday, which is looking much better than yesterday.

First, the Albion Ferry will resume service around 9am, with restrictions. Only one vessel is in operation, and it will only run in daylight. This may change — one way or the other — depending on the condition on the river. Customers are advised NOT to park their cars on one side and walk on, as the ferry service may have to be shut down if the river freezes up again.

Media relations also sent this update on our services as of 8 a.m.:

BUS: all buses are on regular routes, including the #253 Caulfeild in West Van, which had been on snow route earlier.

SKYTRAIN: no issues so far: SkyTrain is running longer trains, and there may be longer delays between trains. Rush hour service level will be extended later into the morning, since yesterday people were arriving at stations later because of the weather conditions.

HANDYDART: all HandyDART providers are running “essential services” only — in otherwords kidney dialysis appointments and other priority medical calls — except Vancouver and Richmond, which are on normal service.

REMEMBER … with the snow holding off, the forecast is now for a significant windchill, especially South of the Fraser. Customers should dress for the elements and wear proper footwear, and be prepared for longer than usual waits at bus stops and the possibility of walking a distance if a bus is detoured unexpectedly due to road or traffic conditions.

You can catch a clip recapping this info and more over at TransLink’s YouTube service info stream — keep checking the YouTube stream for the latest info as the day goes on, and I’ll of course post major updates here on the blog.