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Pantsless riders hit subways worldwide

Pantsless riders hit subways worldwide

All right, here’s a pretty funny transit-related tidbit that caught my eye this morning.

On Saturday, Improv Everywhere, a well-known public space performance art group in New York City, held its eighth annual No Pants! Subway Ride in New York City. Estimates say 1,200-1,500 people showed up to ride the subway pantsless this year! (Everybody wore underwear by the way–the point was to make people laugh, not to make them angry.)

This is slightly NSFW, so don’t click if your boss is strict — but here’s the NYC NYC 2009 report and the general overview of their mission. The event was held simultaneously in many other cities too: in Toronto, 300 people showed up to ride their subway pantsless.

Improv Everywhere has also done other transit-related performances in the past, including the Human Mirror, where pairs of twins dressed identically and sat across from each other in an NYC subway car, seriously confusing passengers who happened to hop on.


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