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Pattullo Bridge update – Friday afternoon

Pattullo Bridge update – Friday afternoon


  • Pile driving continuing today.
  • The demolition contractor, Enviro-Vac, completed timber debris cleanup on the Surrey side of the bridge on Wednesday, Jan. 21.
  • Yesterday, Thursday, they set up on the New Westminster side in order to start to remove asphalt from the rest of the bridge in order to prep for pothole repair.
  • Continued pavement removal and disposal


  • Flow was starting earlier, ending later this morning. Traffic backed up to 176th which was actually lighter than usual, even for a Friday.
  • People are getting the message about spreading out their commuting times.
  • Port Mann, Alex Fraser, the George Massey Tunnel all flowed. .
  • We’re seeing longer, spread-out am commutes, ending at 9:30am.



  • Afternoon peak was extended 1.5 hours yesterday.
  • We estimate that we are now carrying an additional 2,500-3,000 passengers during the morning rush. 59 trains ran this morning
  • Limited use 04:30 to 05:00, not heavy. King George, Scott Road, Columbia stations, steady but not heavy. From Columbia 07:00 to 10:00, mainly connecting to Millennium-Line.
  • Not as busy as Thursday probably as Friday’s are typically lighter days anyway.


  • Same info as in my last post but it’s worth repeating.
  • Weekend Service – Normal SkyTrain Saturday and Sunday hours but if necessary, service will be increased
  • Service next week – SkyTrain will revert to normal weekday start-times (05:08 departure from King George) but we will continue to run additional trains for peak and midday service.
  • Bicycles on SkyTrain – The restriction for bicycles on SkyTrain will be lifted for the weekend beginning at 7:00pm Friday night until closing Sunday.
  • For next week, bicycles will only be restricted as follows: Weekdays to downtown from 5am to 10 am and from downtown, 3 to 7pm.


  • Very light traffic this am compared to the rest of week. Last night we had only 14 use the Cloverdale shuttle but we expect that to change next week. Heavy but nothing different from previous night in terms of patterns
  • Everything ran on schedule.


  • PLEASE NOTE: City of Surrey crews have finished large orange ‘Temporary Park & Ride’ signs that will be posted at all free temporary parking sites tonight. TransLink will have a map of all P&R locations, free and paid, on our website tonight.
  • In providing the free temporary Park & Ride spots, we remove all signage restrictions where possible. However, these do not do not include parking in front of fire hydrants or driveways. Please obey all traffic regulations.

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