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Don’t be alarmed, SeaBussers — it’s just Exercise Silver out on the water

SeaBus, going about its business on a regular day.

SeaBus, going about its business on a regular day.

Just a warning that the SeaBus will be part of an Olympics security exercise this evening — so don’t worry if you see more marine security vessels in Burrard Inlet at about 7:45 p.m.

The SeaBus should be empty for this exercise, so passengers shouldn’t be inadvertently involved!

The details from the release I was given:

The V2010 Integrated Security Unit is conducting Exercise Silver this week in the Vancouver and Whistler areas. Exercise Silver is a functional, integrated command and coordination exercise developed to test security, safety and emergency management frameworks from local to the National levels.

The exercise will provide a believable and realistic environment and will test relationships and organizational limits.

Exercise Silver will continue this evening with a ‘live action’ event in the Burrard Inlet. At approximately 7:45pm, the Integrated Security Unit will coordinate a marine based exercise. The public should be advised that there will be an increase in marine security vessel activity during this time. The exercise will involve a response to an emergent criminal incident on a TransLink SeaBus. The exercise will be highly controlled, and access to the area will be restricted.

The exercise is expected to take place over a two hour period. Public Affairs staff from the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit and Joint Task Force Games will be available on the promenade at Canada Place. Please be advised that the scenario will occur in darkness and at a significant distance from shore.

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