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I Love Transit Night = great success!

I Love Transit Night = great success!


A huge thank you to everyone who came out and participated in I Love Transit Night yesterday! It was lovely to meet all of you in person!

Check out some photos of the evening from Jason Vanderhill’s Flickr account, which I’ve embedded as a slideshow above. (If you have any photos to share, send me an e-mail — I was so busy I didn’t manage to take any pictures!)

For those who didn’t make it out, here’s what happened: about 30 people were on hand to play transit games, grab buttons, and fold bus and SkyTrain cutouts. David from Trans-Vancouver also brought albums of bus photos to share.

I organized three rounds of games and divided everyone into two teams: Team Buses and Team SkyTrain. The teams competed to identify SkyTrain stations on a map without names, worked out transit-related numbers based on clues, did some straight-up transit trivia, and also did an instant scavenger hunt.

And Team SkyTrain won the whole thing, in no small part to transit enthusiast Reva. During the instant scavenger hunt, teams got five points for every 3-zone adult FareCard they could produce – Reva happened to have her collection of historical bus passes on hand, giving Team SkyTrain 19 FareCards for their side!

I also brought a giant bus model and giant SkyTrain model, which were won in a draw by George from Trans-Vancouver and Terry Muirhead respectively. (Although, in a shocking turn of events, somebody absconded with the SkyTrain model at the end of the evening!)

All in all, however, it was a great evening and wonderful to meet everybody. Thank you again for coming out to the End Café – it was lovely to have you there.

And I’m almost clean out of buttons, but here’s a gallery of what each button looked like, in case you were wondering :) Edit: I should mention that I designed the two I Love Transit Week buttons; Jason Vanderhill did the yellow bee button, the MkI/MkII buttons and the bus with a giant heart above it; and the Mustache Press designed the rest. Thank you to Jason and the Mustache Press for such fine work!


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