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Belated Friday fun poll: where do you like to sit on the SeaBus?

Belated Friday fun poll: where do you like to sit on the SeaBus?

(Yarrgh — I didn’t realize this got stuck in the backend last Friday! Anyway, here is the belated Friday fun poll from last week.)

Last week, I asked if you stood up early on the bus when you got close to your stop, if you happened to be in a seat in a full bus.

With 97 votes counted, the result is a blowout in favour of standing up ahead of time — 78 per cent said they get out of their seat and head into the aisle early, so they are all set to get off the bus. The remaining 22 per cent say they stay seated and wait for the bus to get to the stop before making their way off the bus.

I’m obviously not a good predictor of these polls — I thought we’d have a much more even showing between the two sides. Personally, I’m with the minority for this one, as I don’t like shoving into people and making their transit experience uncomfortable while we’re in transit—plus I always feel like everyone on the bus will help keep the doors open if I’m struggling to get to the exit.

LisaB was also on the sitters on this one, as she explained in the comments:

Dude, I deal with this EVERY day – the people who stand up (in a crowded bus where there is no room for them to stand up) and make a commotion to get to the door blocks (and minutes) ahead of their stop. If they would just wait – since 70% of the people on the bus are getting off at the stop, there would be no need to push and shove and disrupt all the sardined people! Just relax and wait!

And Dan said that it really depended on many factors: whether you were on an express or local service, how full the bus is, where your stop is, and more. He wrote:

This really does take some thought and practice when you’re in the moment, though. Interacting with people in cities can sometimes be quite a chore — likening it to a logic puzzle is bang-on. Who needs Sudoku when you’re trying to calculate whether to give-up your seat, get-up before your stop, board through the front door of the B-Line to beat the rear-door crowds, get-off an express one stop early to do a running transfer to a local so you can save 5 minutes of walking, etc.?


New poll time! This one is a request from Eugene.

We settled on just two choices since there are so many possible places to sit on the SeaBus. But feel free to share in the comments if you have some specific SeaBus seats you like to sit in!


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