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Friday fun poll: do you hang onto the bars or the straps?

Friday fun poll: do you hang onto the bars or the straps?

Earlier this week, I asked where you like to sit on the SeaBus.

After 58 votes, facing forward was the clear winner — 81 per cent liked facing their destination, while just 19 per cent liked facing away from their destination.

Since there was a bit of a truncated timeline on this one, there are fewer comments to spotlight for this post. Cow, however, did share a tiny SeaBus secret (and thank you Cow for sharing — I know you were reticent to put it up!).

I almost hesitate to post this, since it feels like a SeaBus secret, but my favourite seat is up front, but the seats backed against the front row of front-facing seats (the third row of seats, if you think of it that way), and all the way to the end of the row. Everyone rushes the front-facing seats, ignoring the back-facing ones, so it’s easy to get, and if you turn and sit sideways you can both look to the front and off to the side without getting in anyone’s way (since you’re at the end of the row and there’s extra space for gathering for the exit doors).

Plus, there’s no urge to rush the doors when you’re approaching the other side; once the SeaBus docks and the doors open, you just stand up and you’ve already got a place right near the front of the line.


All right, new poll time!

If you hold onto something (or someone!) else, feel free to mention it in the comments :)


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