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Friday fun poll: how many bus stop numbers do you know by heart?

Friday fun poll: how many bus stop numbers do you know by heart?

If you like, you can skip to the end of this post to answer the poll about how many bus stop numbers you’ve memorized.

Results from last poll: where do you keep your bus pass?

Last week I asked where you keep your bus pass.

And after 179 votes, 54% keep their pass in their wallet. A coat/clothing pocket is second with 24%, then 15% put it in a bag or backpack, 3% put it around their neck, and 4% chose “other.”

The wallet was championed since you never misplace the pass and you always take the wallet with you. But lots of the comments described wallet alternatives. Here’s Tsushima Masaki:

I keep mine in a wallet insert which ironically has supplanted my actual wallet. It holds most of the cards I need for when I go out (Driver’s License, Credit Card, Bank Card). My actual wallet is too bulky so I use it hold my loose change and cards I don’t use as often (such as shopping cards).

Donald also had one radical suggestion:

I usually keep my pass in a wallet. I tried keeping it attached to a Translink lanyard I have but I found that once or twice a week I would forget it at home or at the office. If we ever move the smartcards, I’d like them to build on technology to implant little nano smartcard chips into a finger. That way we would NEVER lose or forget our transit passes!

However Richard also mentioned that an old B.C. Transit policy suggested you don’t keep your pass in your wallet, so thieves wouldn’t know where your wallet was — although it seems we’ve moved away from that policy these days.

Which led me to think: aren’t there only a handful of places you can really keep a pass and/or wallet anyway, since both need to be fairly accessible? And wouldn’t thieves already know about those locations? If you hide it so well nobody can find it, I bet you can’t find your wallet that often either :)

And as always, you can read all the comments at the original post.

This week’s poll: how many bus stop numbers do you know by heart?

Since a lot of you are using our text messaging, web, and phone services to get their transit info, has it you to memorize some of the common stop numbers you know?

I only have one memorized, myself… how about you?


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