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Friday fun poll: where do you keep your bus pass?

Friday fun poll: where do you keep your bus pass?

If you like, you can skip to the end of this post to answer the poll about where you keep your bus pass.

Results from last poll: where do you stand on a bus?

Last week I asked where you like to stand on a bus.

And after 152 votes tallied, 48% of you hover near the middle of the bus, 41% try to as far back on the bus as possible, and the last 11% choose the front. I’m going to speculate that’s because the front is reserved for those with mobility issues, so people generally try to avoid standing there.

In the comments, Henry wondered how people chose their standing places:

I would actually like to know why people stand where they do. Especially those that hover near the doors for over 10 minutes during a ride. I never stand there unless I am getting off in a few stops. Otherwise, I can’t stand being in others’ way. I feel I’m being rude if I stand by the rear doors for too long.

And U92 didn’t pick a standing location, but had a standing strategy instead:

If I can’t avoid standing (and I don’t look disabled, so people don’t usually get up for me), I go for the nearest pole so I don’t have to reach up or swing, and keep my body close to it and feet planted apart, so I can use my core muscles to stabilize myself. Once I find a good pole and solid position, I won’t move back or relinquish it unless I see a seat that I can reach before the bus starts moving again!

As always, you can read all the comments at the original post

This week’s poll: where do you keep your bus pass?

I was just thinking that most of us probably have a common place we keep our bus pass for easy access—so I thought I’d ask you all about it.

I keep mine in my wallet so I always have it with me, plus it makes the pass easy to find quickly. Also, I tend to lose my pass if I kept it separately—an expensive mistake you don’t want to make more than once :(


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