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Friday fun trivia: name this ticket’s year, part II!

Friday fun trivia: name this ticket’s year, part II!

If you like, skip to the end of this post to see another classic transit ticket and tell us what year it’s from!

Results from last week: what years were these tickets from?

Classic bus tickets! Click for a MUCH larger version.
Classic bus tickets! Click for a MUCH larger version.

Last week I asked you to tell me what years these tickets pictured were from.

Eric chimed in immediately with the exact dates, which everybody else to generally agreed with:

The yellow (one zone) and red (two zone) transfers are from 1994, and the green (three zone) transfer is from 1996. The addresses and phone numbers are a hint as well – at some point between 1994 and 1996, BC Transit’s head office moved from Vancouver to Surrey.

(Btw, I loved that Holly and John remembered these as the first tickets they ever used—memories!)

And of course, you guys are correct — according to Doug, CMBC’s farebox revenue manager, those are definitely from the 1990s, and we used those paper tickets until 2001 when the electronic tickets showed up.

Doug also mentioned that the green ticket is actually a West Vancouver Blue Bus transfer, since the phone numbers on the back are slightly different.

As you can tell, we had to order a LOT of these tickets in the past, since these transfers are all customized for a single date, and operators needed a stack of a 1, 2, and 3 zone transfers on hand. Doug in fact said we used to get 250 million per year!

Now with the electronic tickets, however, we use just 20 million per year. The new tickets are more expensive individually, but cheaper overall because we use way less of them.

This week: more trivia! What year is this ticket from?

OK, another ticket item, since I have one around! Can you tell me in the comments what year it’s from? (Something like “late 60s” or “early 70s” is fine, although again, exact year is cool too.)

An old ticket!
An old ticket!

Click it for a MUCh larger version, and here is the back view of the ticket too. And Derek Cheung may have tipped you off last week about this one, but hey, whatever :) Again, next week I’ll have the answer and any background stories I can gather from people in the company!


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