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The story of a Buzzer cover illustration (and more)

The November 2008 Buzzer cover, drawn by <a href=>Raymond Biesinger</a>.

Woo — I’m happy to point out that Raymond Biesinger, a great friend and talented artist, has spotlighted the Buzzer in his new illustration blog, the Daily Sentry. Check out the post here!

Raymond is the mystery illustrator behind our November 2008 issue cover above—his name wasn’t included as it was initially an experimental collaboration.

Since then, as Raymond’s post mentions, I’ve been able to work out a budget and commission illustrations for all the 2009 Buzzers. (Local illustrators: e-mail me your portfolio if you’re interested!)

By the way, this is a sneak peek of Raymond’s blog — it doesn’t officially launch until September :) And if you’re curious, here’s Raymond’s portfolio.

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